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Blown Window Repair Cost UK


Repair Blown Window

A blown window isn’t something you can just ignore for a long time. You’ll want to have it replaced as soon as possible.

If you decide to get a replacement window fitted in, it helps to get a good grasp of what the process involves. Read on and find out the costs, effort, and time the job entails.

Replacing Double Glazed Window-  What is Blown Window?

Double-glazed windows are not immune to wear and tear. Over time, they can look cloudy especially when the seal that joins the two glass panes together starts to leak.

Also known as a blown window, this isn’t particularly good news especially if it happens at a time when the temperatures are dropping.

The gas that is kept sealed between the panes is crucial in ensuring that the heat is kept inside. This is why if your window is blown, you can expect that the double-glazing feature isn’t as effective either.

Blown Window Replacement Specifics – Before Repairing & Replacing Window

For a blown window replacement, you’ll need to determine how to have it replaced. You’ll be pleased to know that in most cases, there is no need to have the whole window replaced in the event that it gets blown. Most of the time, you just have to get the double-glazed unit replaced instead.

A tradesman will first need to measure the part of the window requires replacement. This is to make sure that when the glass arrives, it will be cut in the appropriate dimensions to properly fit into the window frames.

The tradesman will also see to it that the measurements for fixing the frame are properly taken into account. The old unit will then be removed and the replacement will be fitted in.

Decorating and Painting Requirements

Once the new unit has been installed, the job doesn’t end there. You might need the services of another tradesman who will be responsible for painting or decorating the area around the window.

In some cases, the wall surrounding the window may need to be decorated and painted.

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DIY Repair Possibilities

Replacing a blown window is a job that you may be able to do by yourself. However, it is important to understand that the job involved is more on the technical side and needs to be done as accurately as possible.

If you’re not a hundred per cent sure that you can execute this right, it is better to hire a skilled specialist to do it for you.

They can get the job done for less time and you will not be risking the structural integrity of your home by attempting to do things by yourself. If the window isn’t appropriately installed, it might suffer from a rather short lifespan.

This means you’ll have to find an expert to redo the whole thing— and that’s just more costs for you to cover. This is why you want to get it done right the first time by getting professional help.

Besides, when a window is poorly fitted, it will likely leak and draughts could get in. Even noise will get inside and the window will not effectively work as an insulator.

Why Proper Measurements Matter

There is also the risk that you might make a mistake in the measurements. You could end up with panes that you won’t have much use of because the dimensions are incorrect.

You’ll also need to consider the type of glass appropriate for the unit you need to replace. You even have to pay attention to how thick it is and if you need one that is tinted or toughened.

There are all types of windows to fit the different properties around and if you’re not familiar with the subject, you might make a mistake and end up spending money on something unusable.

Some newer models even have blocks as a theft deterrent and they can slow the work down even more.

Replacing Blown Window

Additional Cost Considerations

After fitting in the new window, there may be a need for you to work on the ventilation of the room where the work was done. Fresh windows are airtight and will likely retain higher levels of moisture as well.

In this case, it would help that your double glazed windows have trickle vents. This will help ensure better ventilation. When calculating how much it would cost you to have your blown window replaced, consider the type of window that requires the work to be done.

Take into account the specific tradesmen you’ll need to involve in the project too from painters and plasterers to decorators. Put into consideration the length of time for the measurements to be done as well as how long it would take to get the area cleaned up after the work has been completed.

Cost for Blow Window Replacement Service

On average, you‘ll likely have to spend about £60 to £400 when getting a blown window replaced. The amount you’ll have to spend will depend on whether you only need the unit with the double glaze to be repaired or if it is the whole window that needs replacement. Costs can also be affected by the dimensions of the panels you need to replace.

How hard or easy it is to access the panels will have to be figured into your calculations too. If you want to determine how much it would cost to repair a sash window, the current state of the unit will need to be taken into account, along with how many panels must be replaced.

It’s not surprising for a blown window to also need frame repairs or replacement after the panes have been fitted in. This adds more to the total cost involved. In addition, you’ll also need to pay for the services of the tradesman doing the job, which rate could range from £100 to £150 a day.