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Conservatory Building Costs

Material Costs, Labour Fees and Time Frame Estimates for Building a Conservatory

Conservatories are rooms with walls and a roof made of glass. Usually attached on one side of the house, there are a variety of conservatory designs you can choose from and how you want it constructed would significantly depend on its intended use. 

Different Conservatory Types

Dwarf Wall

Also known as a Lean-To, it is considered the most basic type of conservatory. Featuring a design with three sides, it is ideal for smaller homes that want to add extra living space to their abode— especially one intended for relaxation. 


This type is very much like an extended window, featuring a total of 5 windows that offer a great garden view. This is one timeless design which can easily complement any home, no matter its type or age. 


This combines the Victorian and lean-to designs. It is a combination of a long room and a shorter round-shaped addition. This is most suitable for properties that are detached and considerably sized as the design needs a lot of space to be pulled off. 

Among other types of popular conservatory designs include Georgian or Edwardian, T-shaped, Gable, Lantern Roof, as well as a whole range of bespoke types to meet specific individual requirements of different clients. 

Price-Affecting Factors for New Conservatory Installation

Costs for conservatory installation will have considerable differences due to several factors including the style and size you prefer. The bigger and the higher end conservatories will always fetch higher the costs! 

Among the many factors that could influence costs include:

  • The conservatory’s size
  • The type of roofing you prefer
  • The type of finish you like
  • How many doors you want and what type they are
  • The brickwork or foundation you prefer
  • The type of glass you wish to use
  • Various other elements for added design including a raised patio or a veranda area
  • Overall costs for decorating, flooring and plastering 

Generally, the more cost-efficient lean-to types can usually cost around £4000 for the smallest size. This number could increase to £10000 or even more if you want to go for a P-shape or Victorian design. Still, in terms of conservatories, sky really is the limit so as long as you can afford it, just go for whatever design you want. Some wouldn’t even mind spending up to £40000!

Is Planning Permission Necessary?

When building conservatories, always take note of the planning design, and building process. This is to ensure that you get a conservatory that is ideal for your type of property. Generally, these projects will not require planning permission, as they usually fall under permitted development. There are limitations though that you need to take note of as far as height and size go. So, it wouldn’t hurt to check the local planning authorities so see if there is a need for you to. 

If you wish to avoid planning permission, make sure you aren’t fronting a highway with raised platforms, balconies or verandas. If your conservatory is 2 metres away from the property’s boundary, see to it that the eaves will not go higher than 3 metres. More leeway is granted for detached and semi-detached homes as you may extend up to 15% of the original property’s volume, but this is capped at 115 square metres. Beyond that, you will need to secure planning permission. 

Old Conservatory Demolishing/Removing Costs

It shouldn’t be that hard to remove or demolish an existing conservatory. However, removing the foundations and the base can be a bit tricky. It will usually take up to two days to get the task done, but this would depend on how big the conservatory is. A couple of skips may also be needed for the waste so expect the costs to be around £500. 

Conservatory Installation Costs

Costs for the materials involved in the building a conservatory will depend significantly on several factors including type, size, number of doors present, finish, the type of glass used and many others. Average material costs are usually around £2000 to £4000. Bigger conservatories that are P-shaped or Victorian type can cost around £8000 to £10000. You’ll also need to account for possible added costs including hiring a skip as well as foundation work. 

Most conservatory specialists will charge a daily rate of £150 to £200 for labour. Builders will generally have 2 or three more people working with them so, this also needs to be factored into the overall cost. A small conservatory could take up to 3 weeks to build. Meanwhile, P-Shaped or Victorian types could take up to 6 weeks to get done. However, the waiting time between the different building stages of the conservatory can usually extend the overall building time to 3 months at the most. 

Cost Breakdown

For a lean-to conservatory with a dimension of 3.5mm by 3.5mm, expect the total cost to be around £8000. Of that, £3200 covers the materials, £4400 covers the fees for the tradesmen and £400 pays for waste removal.