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Build Porch Cost – Prices to Build or Replace Front or Back Porch Detailed!

Material Costs, Labour Fees and Time Frame Estimates for Building a Porch

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Home Porch Cost Extension—Installation Cost

If you’re thinking of extending the space in your home, a porch would be a great and simple solution. An entrance porch would make for a great addition to your home space and when done right, it can boost the overall appeal of your property.

The additional space it provides will be perfect for outing your booths, bags, and coats and even for your parcels to leave on when deliveries come and you aren’t around. When a porch extension project is properly thought out, it would be both a practical and elegant property addition.

Increasing Property Value with Porch Extensions Installation

A porch can be ideal for adding more curb appeal to your home. It adds more to the property’s value too and if you have future resale plans, this would be a great investment. Before proceeding with the project, you’ll want to know first how much it would cost you.

You’ll also want to figure out how much actual value it will add to your property especially if you are expecting to put it in the market soon. The benefits of a porch aren’t just limited to providing additional space for your home.

It is also ideal for enhancing your front door’s overall security. Still, despite how easy it would be to take on a porch installation project, it is important to understand the possible pitfalls that might come your way. You’ll have to be careful with unscrupulous builders too.

This article aims to help you make the right decisions concerning a porch cost extension. This is also to ensure that you’re subjected to the most reasonable prices. When installing a porch, you’ll find that despite using the same materials as the rest of your property is made of, the exteriors might not match.

Over the years, your exterior walls have been exposed to the elements so there’s a chance that the plasterwork and the brickwork may look a bit grubby and drab. This could be a good chance for you to carry out some exterior wall repair and repainting. Generally, you’ll want your exteriors properly spruced up when installing a porch so the new fixture will blend right in.

Is Planning the Installation of New Porch Necessary?

When planning the installation of a new porch, you’ll need to decide on its dimensions. The minimum width for most modern purchases is 1.2 metres and depth is usually at 3 metres. It is important to stick to these standard dimensions because going beyond will mean that you are making a full extension to your front and planning permission will be required to execute that.

It’s common for most porch projects to have a floor made from concrete, a brick dwarf wall, tiled roof, partial glazing, as well as a security door. Costs can generally range from £800-£1500 for every square metre.

However, there are other porch types that you can choose from. Just see to it that the proposed dimensions do not go beyond 3 square metres to avoid having to secure planning permission.

Building a Porch

Considered a house extension— although, at a much smaller scale, a porch usually has a fairly straightforward building process. Whilst the project does look easy enough to pull off, it is considered beyond the skills of even the most seasoned DIYer.

It’s common for porches to have waist-height brickwork with the rest of the walls being half-glazed. In terms of roofing, the cheapest you can find is the flat roof. If you’re aiming for a more attractive option, Edwardian or Victorian styles have more appeal.

They tend to be more expensive too. After putting in place the basic porch structure, plastering will be required for the interiors. The flooring will then be fitted in. Laminate and wooden flooring are proving to be most popular these days thanks to their easy maintenance. Decorations will then follow, along with repairs and painting that the exterior may require.

Fitting in a porch will likely damage the harling and plastering of your outside walls. See to it that this is included in the quotation, along with the costs you’ll likely need to get it fixed once the work is done. Once the porch’s dwarf wall has been put in place, see to it that proper damp-proofing is carried out. This ensures that the damp proof course is circumnavigated and prevented from penetrating the walls
to your home.

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Costs for Removing/Replacing an Old Porch

If you have an existing porch but is old and in some serious need of replacement, it needs to be demolished first. Whilst this is generally easy to do, a skip or a pair of them will likely need a day or a couple of days to complete the demolition. You will likely need to spend between £300 and £500 for the removal. If the old porch is not in bad shape, repairing it may be the better and more affordable option.

Costs for a Porch Construction

The pricing information we provide in this article came from collating price quotations from tradesmen across the country as well as a variety of other online sources.

Note that the numbers reflected here are aimed to provide a rough estimate of how much this particular project is going to cost. Certain factors are expected to influence the final amount, so use this as your guide to determine how much your budget should be.

The final porch cost can be influenced by your location and the style you want it to be constructed. There is a difference between the pricing for fully or partially glazed porches, the same is true if you want one with a full enclosure or not.

Your material of choice will also be factored in and your roof style of choice must also be considered. If you have an old porch that you want to be replaced, expect to spend more as you need an additional budget for the demolition of the old fixture.

Most specialists will charge you £150 to £200 for their daily rate. It is common for builders to work either as a team or in a pair, so this will have to be factored into your calculations as well.

Cost Breakdown

A small porch with uPVC roof, expect the individual porch cost to be at £3500. Half of the costs will cover the materials used in the project, 45% covers the tradesmen fees and the remaining 5% goes to waste removal.

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