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Carport Installation Costs

Material Costs, Labour Fees and Time Frame Estimates for Carport Installation

Installing a Carport: A Complete Guide

Your vehicle is one of your most expensive investments. It is only natural that you will protect it as best as you can. Building carports is a great way of keeping your vehicle safe from the weather. If you’re considering the idea, consider this guide to find out everything you need about the project.

What’s Involved?

In the absence of a garage, carports are affordable, easy, and quick projects for creating a covered area where you can park your vehicle. It has a simple design and only a few materials are needed to get the project completed. Carports are ideal for providing a hassle-free and convenient way of shielding your vehicle against possible damage caused by the weather.

With a carport, your vehicle is protected from the rain, ice, snow and sun. Fitted at a considerably lower cost compared to garages, carpets are straightforward and simple and great storage solutions that will positively affect the worth of your property. You can even get them made from metal or wood.

What to Expect?

When fitting a carport, see to it that the actual frame length is accurately measured before placing an order. Note that how long your carport frame is should always be shorter by 30.5 cm than your roof length once fitted.

Before calling the installers in, see to it that the area has been successfully cleared. A concrete base is ideal for this project so consider laying the area with concrete to ensure that the space where the vehicle will be parked is going to be flat and level.

After preparing the ground, you will need your posts set in concrete at 121 cm depth. Leave them overnight to allow them to harden. You’ll need one side of your posts to be significantly higher compared to the rest to ensure easy drainage of rainwater. Ideally, the longer posts should be set nearest to your residence to ensure that water is kept away from the foundations.

You’ll need to build the structure next. The roof will then be fitted in. To ensure protection no matter the weather, a waterproof seal is used to finish the roof.

After the structure has been successfully installed, you can hire a builder or decorator to get the exteriors finished. This is ideal if you’re going for a more customized look. You can even have gardeners to get the area surrounding the carport refreshed.

Materials to Consider

You can choose wood or metal as material for your carport. When deciding, consider the material that is most suitable for your home exteriors. The prevalent weather where you are should also be taken into account to ensure that the carport can effectively withstand it. These days, pressure-treated woods and galvanized metal are popular choices for carport material due to their long-lasting and robust properties.

To ensure that your carport can endure constant rain, it helps to have a drainage system installed to keep water away while also making sure that blockage is prevented. If your area experiences heavy snowfall in wintertime, it is best to design the carport with enough capacity to withstand the weight of collected snow. Also, investing in a top-quality finish that is weather-proof is highly advised.

Cost-Affecting Factors

The specific material you choose along with your preferred customizations can impact how much the whole project is going to cost. If you don’t have a base made of concrete yet, you’ll need to pay one so add that to the final figures as well. If you’re not too keen on concrete, you can choose to have it made over a grassed spot. Do check with the people responsible for the installation to give you advice on which surface is more ideal.

Carports that are larger and roomier are always better but you also have to account for the additional costs that will be involved. You may have to spend up to £650 to get one fitted. Also, carefully check the spot where the carport is to be installed. The last thing you want is to dig carelessly and damage pipes in the process. This will only cause you to have to spend more on repairs.

Detailed Costs for Carport Installation

The costs for a carport installation can be about £2500 to £3500 but this will largely depend on the length of time it would take to complete the project and the materials you will choose. Builders will generally charge £150 a day.

Cost Breakdown

For installing an individual carport with groundwork included, expect the costs to be about £2800. Of that, £1680 covers the materials, £840 covers the tradesmen fees and £280 pays for the waste removal.