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CCTV Installation Costs

Material Costs, Labour Fees and Time Frame Estimates for CCTV Installation

CCTV systems can help improve the safety and security of your property. Through remote monitoring, it will be possible for you to know what’s going on outside of the house, you can also use tablets or smartphones so you can see what’s happening in your home no matter where you are in the world. Most security cameras these days are equipped with quality images and night vision. The device can even be used when obtaining recordings and images of suspects to aid the police as investigation evidence. The mere fact that you have CCTV can be a great crime deterrent. Besides, professional residential CCTV systems aren’t that costly. But the peace of mind they can provide to families means that with their presence, you’ll reduce the possibility of becoming victims to crime. 

A digital CCTV installation isn’t complicated so if you are a DIY enthusiast, then you shouldn’t have a hard time getting the task done. The equipment’s different components are easy enough to source. A expert installer isn’t always necessary as well. Perhaps the most challenging part of the process is in planning and designing the system. If your goal is to have a system with multiple cameras installed, signing up for professional assistance may be well worth it. 

When installing an expensive equipment, it makes sense to pay close attention to the manufacturer’s instructions. Working at height can be risky too, as well as using power tools. This is why you need to pay attention to safety instructions. If the connection requires you to connect to your mains, it is best to have the task done by a professional electrician. 

Start by planning the specific locations. Take into account the various points of entry to your home that may be considered vulnerable and make sure to take lighting into consideration as well. You can have night vision or infrared cameras installed in very dark locations. It would help too if you will install an alarm set along with the CCTV. The most common camera locations are the back and front doors, driveways, parking areas, garage doors, stairways, as well as porches. 

A basic residential security package consisting of a DVR system and 3 outdoor cameras will usually be enough for this purpose. You might want to look into the possibility of using wireless cameras since they are so much simpler to install as no running cables or drilling will be necessary. These devices may not be top-notch quality-wise, so there may be a need for you to get the batteries replaced every so often. 

Make sure too that the cameras you will purchase are ideal for use in the outdoors and are also weatherproof. Devices that aren’t ideal for use outside will likely malfunction when left to the mercy to the elements. Motion sensors are ideal too as they will ensure that the cameras will only start recording when it detects movement. This helps you save disk space as well as minimize your energy use. 

If you’re doing the installation as a DIY undertaking, make sure to choose a broad and high angle where the cameras are mounted on a corner, looking down. This will give you a better view of the exits and entries. If you can, choose locations that are close to the mains power source. Outside cameras should be positioned over 10 feet above so intruders won’t easily detect them, knock them down or smash them. There are cameras sold online that are equipped with pads that makes it easy enough to stick them onto the walls. Ideally, you should mount the camera using brackets. 

You can use a BNC connection to get the camera connected to the DVR. Just see to it that the connector is plugged into proper ports. Wireless cameras must be linked to a computer via the software that it comes with. Just follow the instructions that the manufacturers have provided so you can access the feeds.

CCTV Installation Costs

The average cost for installing CCTV to your home will depend considerably on the quality of your system and its size. Expect the system to come with a monitor and cameras, along with a DVR where the recordings can be stored and arranged for viewing. A variety of cameras are available out there with such features as 90-degree field view, 4k colour, 45-degree field view, and black and white among others. 

Most security specialists will charge £300-£600 to get a system installed. But the final costs involved will depend considerably on the specific system you choose. If you want a system with 8 cameras, replete with 4k resolution along with enhanced zooming features and night vision, the cost could come up to £2500. The type of home you have can also have an effect on the pricing as generally, it would cost more to have a system installed to a 3-storey property compared to a bungalow. 

Cost Breakdown

For a system with 4 cameras, with 4K resolution, DVR, night vision, and an enhanced zoom feature, expect the costs to amount to £1800. Of that, £1440 will cover the material costs and £360 pays for the tradesmen.