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Costs for Changing a Yale Lock

Material Costs, Labour Fees and Time Frame Estimates for Getting Your Yale Lock Changed

A Yale lock is quite commonly used around the UK due to their relatively cheap nature, the reasonable security they offer in relation to their price as well as how easy they are to use. However, a lot of homeowners these days, especially new ones, do not even bother to get their locks changed right after they move in.

 What’s really handy about Yale locks is the fact that they are quite handy, thanks to their self-locking feature. This means that the moment you get out of the house and step out of the door, your home is already secure.

Still, on their own, these locks can be broken through and overcome even via brute force alone. This is why, to ensure that overall security of your home, it makes sense to use the Yale lock along with a deadlock which will need the use of a key in order to get them locked and unlocked.

 If you have to get your Yale lock changed but want to get the costs minimal, instead of changing the entire unit, you can just get the key and cylinder instead. You may choose to get the Yale lock fitted and changed by yourself especially if you’re quite handy. But it is important that you know exactly what you’re doing.

After all, this is supposed to ensure the security of your property and attempting to do the task when you have an idea who it is done in the first place will just endanger you, your loved ones, and your possessions in the proves. Most people would rather sign up for the services of a locksmith to do the job as well as extend to them some peace of mind.

 Typically, replacing an entire lock can cost you around £150 this is assuming that you are making a call to a locksmith at an off-peak hour. The price also includes both the labour and the parts as well.

Calling a locksmith in the middle of the night will obviously get you charged more in the process. If you want to go cheaper, you can just get the cylinder replaced and get new keys. This should help you save about £50 to £75. Professionals are only likely to take an hour to get the Yale lock changed.

If you decide to get a professional to come and change the lock, it would help to have them carry out a full security audit in your home to make the most of their time. Also, it helps when you install locks that have recognised security to be installed in your windows and doors as this will help you save considerably on your premiums for your home insurance.

The latest offering for deadlock systems from Yale now use night latches and locking handles inside. Thanks to these upgraded features, these products like the Rim Automatic Deadlatch from Yale will likely get you a nod from your home insurance provider.

Note though that before declaring your locks to get an insurance discount, see to it first that the lock type you have fitted your home with is indeed accepted by the insurance company provider otherwise, it will only likely to invalidate claims later on.

Yale Lock Replacement Costs

The average costs for materials when changing Yale locks is dependent on the specific lock type you prefer and the extras you decide to add. Deadlock, cylinder lock, and latch prices can vary considerably from £20-£50 or more.

 By average, a lock specialist is usually going to charge about £150 -£200 as a daily rate. Getting the Yale lock replaced shouldn’t take that long. Locksmiths will generally charge you depending on the time and effort it took them to get the job done. Generally, it would take an hour for a door lock to get installed. 

Cost Breakdown

For getting a Yale lock changed, the total cost will be £100, with £40 spent on the materials and —£60 to pay for the locksmith’s fees.