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Chimney Breast Removal Costs

Chimney breasts may have been iconic features back in the day but in these modern times, they can look a bit archaic and out of place. Since they can just get in the way, you might want to have chimney breast removal instead. Below is a helpful guide to help you make the right decisions.

What does the job involve?

Space is always the priority for any structure. So, it’s hardly a surprise when property owners decide to get a chimney breast removed. It doesn’t hold that much practical use so, taking it off to give way to more space makes a lot of sense.

Unfortunately, the removal task isn’t as easy and straightforward as many people think. This is a highly technical job, especially since structural supports are involved. This means certain building regulations need to be met in order to get the task done right.  

What to expect?

Removing a chimney breast requires several stages. After successfully breaking it down, the next step is to get structural reinforcement, this could be in the form of steel beams that are fitted to successfully secure the building integrity.

The process can impact the building structure. So, before commencing any work, male sure to get in touch with your local council to see if there are building regulations that you need to adhere to. Check too if there is a need for planning permission.

A qualified structural engineer may be helpful if you need somebody that can determine the kind of structural support needed in place of your chimney breast. You’ll have to ensure that this is an experienced builder you’re referring to so he will have the expertise and know-how to get all the necessary work elements involved in the removal of your chimney breast.  

You’ll also need your chimney stack completely removed too. In the event that the chimney is part of a central system, you’ll have to conform to the regulations of the Party Wall Act of 1966. This can make this job a little more complex, so you have to take this into consideration when computing the overall costs.

Also, any work that you will do with your chimney breast will require the approval of your council to ensure that health, safety, and building regulations are met.

Waste Removal Needs

The project will require debris and dust so part of the costs you need to account for is the clean-up task needed afterwards. Re-decorating and plastering will also be part of the work that needs to be done. So, you’re also going to need the services of a decorator, carpenter or a plasterer and this could bring the final costs up.

Aside from putting in place the necessary structural support, you’ll also need to fit robust damp-proofing and insulation. Remember that the type of damp-proofing, structural support and insulation will also affect the overall costs of the job.

It’s common to use RSJ or Rolled Steel Joist steel beams for this particular structural job. They offer the necessary reinforcement needed across the entire area. An older support type is the gallows brackets but they will only work in certain cases. They’re also dependent on the condition and thickness of your walls.

DIY Possibilities

Getting your chimney breast removed will affect your home structure. Several stages will be involved and a number of tradesmen will have to be hired too to complete the job. This makes it not a very ideal project to attempt to DIY. You also cannot expect to speed up the completion too.

Also, the labour has to be done by tradesmen that aren’t just qualified but are experienced as well. More importantly, everything needs to adhere to specific building regulations as well as requirements concerning health and safety.

When calculating the costs, make sure to consider the time and work needed to get the space finished once the removal has been carried out. Skirting, decorating and plastering are needed to get the area set. A concrete hearth is also needed to help level your floor. These are all going to add to the overall price you need to cover.

Remember that every chimney is different and the specific structure in your home is going to have a considerable effect not only on the amount of work that the renovation will entail as well as the costs.

Costs of Chimney Removal

Getting a chimney breast removed could cost around £1500 to £3000. This is still based on the chimney size and f scaffolding is necessary. Make sure to carefully evaluate what’s really needed in order to carry out work.

Be sure to include the prices that tradesmen are going to subject you to. It doesn’t hurt to ask for quotes from a number of specialists to compare the different rates from different providers.

Cost Breakdown

For removing a chimney breast, the total cost is £2300. Of that, £1035 covers the materials, £920 pays for the tradesmen and £345 covers for the waste removal.