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Curtain or Handrail Fitting Costs

Material Costs, Labour Fees and Time Frame Estimates for curtain or handrail fitting

A Guide to Fitting Handrails or Curtains

Curtains falling down aren’t ideal. So, if you’re considering fitting handrails or curtains, you want to do it right. The presence of curtains can significantly uplift any space. Handrails, on the other hand, are crucial safety measures for any home. This is why, when fitting in both these fixtures, some know-how is necessary. They have to be installed right to ensure that they will function the way they are intended for. This is why you might need expert assistance when it comes down to curtain poles and handrail fitting.

Handrail Installation Guide

When installing a handrail, start by correctly measuring the height from its starting from the top to its pitch line. See to it too that the handrail is of the exact height. It’s common for installers to measure the diagonal area along your wall which the handrail is expected to follow. This ensures that it’s parallel to the stairs’ diagonal slope, while also maintaining the appropriate level throughout its length.

It’s also important to get the handrail measured. This ensures that it’s the appropriate length for your wall. If it is too long, it is cut and shortened. The appropriate ending will then be fitted to ensure proper finishing. The brackets will also be evenly marked along the parallel lines, once done, the handrails can be fitted securely to the walls.

Curtain Pole Installation Guide

Start by marking out how high the curtain pole should be. This is necessary to make sure that it’s positioned in accordance with the drop you need. The types of curtains you expect to use and whether you’d prefer it to hang from fabric tabs, rings or eyelets will determine its overall height. You’ll need an allowance of about 50mm at the edge. However, for thicker curtains, you’ll probably need more than just 50mm allowance.

The tradesman you will hire for the project is expected to use tools that will let him check if there are possible hazards contained by your walls. This includes checking for lintels before proceeding to drill into your wall. For walls that are in less than satisfactory condition or are damaged, expect some additional work to be carried out so you might need to set aside some funds to get the walls skilled and plastered.

If your curtains are mounted on the ceiling, screws that have the appropriate length to reach beyond the plaster to the joists will be necessary. Note that the curtain rails must not be joined together in the vent that they’re too short. Choose to buy the proper length rail instead. If you are using battens as support for the brackets, use screws, plugs, or robust adhesives to ensure that it’s carefully secured in place.

Costs for Fitting Curtain Poles or Handrails

It could cost you around £80 to £150 to get a handrail or curtain pole fitted. The final costs will be dependent on the number of handrails or curtain poles you will need. For labour costs, most handymen would likely charge about £100 to £150 a day.

Note that this is a job you can choose to do yourself. However, you need to be careful as you might damage your walls in the process if you do not do it right. You might even end up forking more just to get a professional to do the job for you as well as pay for somebody that could address the damage that you may have caused to your property.

If you’re concerned about the factors that could affect how much you need to pay, it usually is the quality of the curtain attachment or handrail that you’ll choose. Budget options are also available, especially if your goal is to minimise the costs as best as you can

Cost Breakdown

For fitting a curtain pole, the individual costs could come up to around £80. Of that, £24 will cover the materials, and £56 will pay for the tradesman’s fee.