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Door Lock Replacement Cost

Material Costs, Labour Fees and Time Frame Estimates for Door Lock Replacement

Enhancing your door security is very important. In the UK, it is something that many people have taken a keen interest in. Upgrading or replacing the locks is usually considered the most common means to enhance door security, but your choices aren’t exclusively confined to that. For this article, we will focus on the replacement of door locks and the various details that entail with the job.

Yale locks are commonly used in the UK, mainly because they automatically lock the moment you close the door. However, popular doesn’t always mean the most secure.

These locks aren’t as sturdy since the more use of force can break them down. Deadlocks, however, are different in the sense that a key is needed to lock them.

These types of locks are commonly used when locking up at night before people go to bed or when they have to leave the property for an extended time. When used along with Yale locks, deadlocks are considered appropriately secure.

A notable advantage of Yale locks is that in the event that replacements are necessary, you can choose to just have the cylinder changed instead of the whole thing. This will mean considerable savings. With deadlock, however, are often sold as a single unit. They are fitted in the same way too.

More Affordable Insurance Premiums for More Secure Homes

It’s common for home insurance companies to offer premiums discounts when they find that your home has been fitted with secure locks. This is why if you have any plans of changing or replacing your locks, it is advised that you call your insurance provider first to find out which lock types will lead to more savings on your part.

Most insurance providers will consider mortice deadlock with five levers that conforms to BS 3621. Check if you have a five-lever deadlock device that conforms to these specific British standards. This way, you have a good chance of securing a discount on your home insurance.

Important Door Security Factors to Consider

Not many people know that when it comes to locks, their overall resistance to picking shouldn’t be the top priority when deciding which one to get. If security is what you are most concerned with, then you need to consider the overall physical strength of your door and its frame.

If you have had a break-in and are changing your locks as a result of that, check if there are splits along the door frame— where it was forcefully opened. If there are, then make sure to have the door frame replaced first before proceeding with changing the locks. A joiner will be able to assist you with that.

Thieves that pick locks to gain entry to any property are a minority. It would be pointless to try and pick open mortice deadlocks are, after all. Most of those instances of break-ins and theft were successfully carried out by kicking in and breaking the door.

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Things to Consider Before a Lock Replacement

If you’re thinking of fitting in new locks as a way of enhancing the security of your home, make sure to consider other related jobs as well. For instance, there may be a need for you to reinforce your windows as an impenetrable door doesn’t mean squat when your windows can be easily broken in. It wouldn’t hurt to have a security specialist come in and assess your place.

He can also offer some valuable advice on locks and other security measures you can put in place. Another possibility you can consider is an alarm system.

This is a great deterrent and will add another layer of security to your property. Be careful with who it is you’re dealing with as there are many fly-by-night tradesmen that try to pass themselves off as locksmiths and security specialists despite not having any training, trade membership or qualifications.

They’ll only be concerned with selling you the costliest solutions or offering you fixes that will maximise their profits, not your security.

A Note on Insurance Premium Discounts

When availing of premium discounts for your home insurance, you must be fully sure that the replacement locks you are putting in meet their discount requirements.

Remember, your insurance policy will specify what is acceptable or not. When unsure, you can always give them a call to ask for a list of locks that you can fit in which will not violate the conditions in your policy and will not avoid the discount extended to you. More importantly, claims might be invalidated especially if theft and break- ins occurred as a result of the installation of the incorrect locks.

Door Lock Replacement Costs

Replacing the deadlock in a front door made of wood can generally cost around £150. This figure already covers the labour and parts. If you’re only getting the cylinder replaced, the costs are slightly lower at £125.

The same amount will apply if you’re replacing Yale door locks. Note that the prices mentioned assumes that the job is completed on a weekday and during the typical working hours of 9 am to 5 pm.

Locksmiths are bound to charge you more if you will call them to get some lock replacement job done over the weekend or in the dead of night. These service requests will then be considered as emergency call-outs and hence, will cost you more.

At a minimum, a £50 fee will  be charged by a locksmith just to come out alone so, it is best to schedule your lock replacement request on a weekday.

Cost Breakdown

When replacing a deadlock, expect the total individual costs to be around £150. This covers the costs for the materials at £45 and the £105 fee for the services of the locksmith.