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Electric Meter Relocation Costs

If you update a room or relocate to a new place, there may be a need for you to get the electric meter relocated as well. Read this guide to help you figure out what it is you need to do.

What does the job involve?

There are several reasons you’d want to relocate an electric meter. It could be located somewhere that makes it an eyesore. It could be situated in a rather awkward location which makes it inaccessible.

Regardless of the reason, you must remember that it is tricky working with electricity. Any work that involves your electricity meter should only be done by a qualified electrical expert. Besides, you’ll be breaking the law if you choose to get the job done by somebody else.

What to expect?

Get in touch first with your supplier if you decide to relocate your meter. Never attempt the job yourself as this could get you in trouble with the law. Your electric supplier needs to be informed where the meter is installed and where you intend to have it moved.

Make sure that you have the necessary details with you before making the call such as:

  1. Name and contact details of the property owner.
  2. The property address
  3. MPAN or Meter Point Administration Number which should be printed on the bill.

Note that the amount of work needed for this project will be dependent on various factors. If you intend to have the meter moved along a backboard made of wood within a distance of no more than 15 centimetres, your supplier can get the relocation organized for you— provided that:

  • The meter is situated within your property.
  • The tail of the meter is long enough.
  • There’s ample space on your backboard for the changes to be accommodated.
  • You don’t need changes to the overall electricity supply.

In the event that you plan on getting the meter moved no more than 3 metres on the very same wall, you’ll be expected to:

  • Pay for the new meter.
  • Get the tails replaced for a set that is much longer. You’ll also have to find a professional electrician that will get the work done for you. You cannot attempt to do this DIY as it’s illegal.
  • Some work may be done by your local electricity distribution company.

If you intend to have the meter moved more than 3 metres or want to have it relocated to another wall whether in the very same room or to a different part of your home:

  • You must first get the local distributor to move your mains supply ahead of time. Your local supplier can then get the electricity meter moved. Make sure to contact the electricity supplier first so they can provide you with the step by step guide of the whole process.

If the meter is situated outside your residence, the work will have to be done by your distribution company. Your local supplier can help you through the whole thing.

No matter what your situation is, always get in touch with the local supplier first so they can advise you on what the next steps are.

After the meter has been moved, there may be a need for the area to get repaired, fixed and refinished. A decorator or a plasterer can be of help in this case. Just make sure that you account for these miscellaneous work in your budget.

The whole task should be done within a day. It helps to know of a qualified electrician that you can call if there is ever a need for the presence of one. If there is additional work that the engineers need to perform during the move, that will be yours to cover as well.

Costs for Relocating an Electric meter

For getting a meter relocated, the average costs could amount to £200 to £800— depending on where the meter is located.

The people that will do the work are paid with a fixed and statutory compensation as determined by the electricity board. If you need your electricity provider to have one or more of their electricians sent out to do the job, the wait time could take up to six weeks.

Most of the cost variations have something to do with the distance you prefer the meter to be relocated by. The longer the distance is from the original location, the higher the costs involved. The final figures will also depend on your supplier.

Cost Breakdown

If you intend to get up to 3 meters relocated, the costs could add up to £450. Of that, £225 covers the material costs and the remaining £225 pays for the tradesmen’s services.