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End of Tenancy Cleaning Costs

Material Costs, Labour Fees and Time Frame Estimates for End of Tenancy Cleaning

Most letting agreements require tenants to carry out a thorough cleaning at the end of tenancy. How clean or not the property is upon the expiry of the rental period can determine whether the tenant is entitled to get their security deposit back or not. In the event that the property hasn’t been cleaned to certain standards, landlords will usually deduct whatever they had to pay a cleaning company to get the place spruced up from the security deposit.

It’s common for most tenants to just sign up for a professional service to make sure that the cleaning job is performed right and to get assurance that the security deposit will be handed back to them intact. Unfortunately, there are often so many things involved when it comes to moving to a new place so, not a lot of people will have the time or the effort to spare to find a good cleaning service to help them out.

Know What the Cleaning Job Includes

It’s important to understand what is included in the cleaning job to ensure that you’re indeed getting the most out of the service. A deep clean is expected to be performed not only of your kitchen but also of your bathrooms and bedroom. The same goes through for all of the property’s surfaces which includes the tiles, floors, walls, carpets, and windows. Dirt and dust will also need to be properly removed and cobwebs should also be cleared out especially in less than accessible places. All of the appliances that are part of the tenancy should be cleaned appropriately. Among these are washing machines, cookers, and dishwashers.

DIY Prospects

If you choose to do the job DIY, it would help to create a checklist of the things that require cleaning, you can go through the checklist one by one and just tick off the things that you have already taken care of. This is most helpful if you don’t want to end up missing something. When cleaning, it’s important never to cut corners. You have to especially pay attention even to the smallest details. Landlords aren’t going to spare the littlest details when performing the property inspection later. The last thing you want is to miss a small spot and end up with a deducted deposit as a result.

It wouldn’t hurt to give you landlord a call and see if they have a specific checklist when they will perform the property inspection later on. You can always ask for a copy so you will know which specific places to pay close attention to. You’ll have to be thorough too. You’ll even need to pay attention to the freezer, cupboards and the fridge. You must get the ovens and the cupboards cleaned as well, along with their surfaces. The microwaves and the dishwashers should also be cleaned. Scrub the floors, sinks, and bathroom. Clean the carpet and all the furniture pieces. Tidy and clear out the garages too. The same goes true for outbuildings if there are any.

With all the details involved in the cleaning process, it is easy to see why most people would rather have the professional cleaners do the hard work instead. It truly is a lot of work. Unless you are very thorough, it is best to leave the whole thing to the specialist so you’ll risk losing your deposit if you do a botched job. On top of that, professional cleaners will have the right manpower and the necessary equipment to carry out a fast and thorough cleaning.

Still, if you are physically fit and you have a lot of time to spare, and you are confident that you can do a great job getting the property cleaned up, then you can always go DIY. But if you have the funds to spare, it is always the safest choice to call the cleaning experts in to help you out. That’s one less hassle and worry for you.

End of Tenancy Cleaning— Costs to Consider

Generally, material costs for the cleaning will usually be just nominal since the cleaning companies would have already bought all the products they need for the job in bulk. Any equipment required for the cleaning task, they may already have bought so you won’t need to cover the costs for that any more.

The service usually starts at £90 as charged by most of the major players in the industry. This is usually the price for studio flats. The costs could rise up to £300 or even more if you live in a detached property. Also, note that the quotes provided by cleaning properties will still not involve the costs for carpet cleaning. Generally, carpet cleaning can cost about £30 to £120 so make sure to account for that additional cost as well.

Cost Breakdown

For the end of tenancy cleaning of a property with a single bedroom, total costs could be around £100. About £85 pays for the services of the tradesmen and £15 will cover the material costs.