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External Door Relocation Costs

If you have an outer door that is installed in a rather location, it wouldn’t just be irritating, it can bring about considerable inconveniences too— especially where access in and out of your home goes.

Relocating the door to a more suitable position makes a lot of sense. If you’re considering the thought, it helps when you have an idea of the steps, costs, and effort involved.

What’s Involved?

Sometimes, a door can be the only thing standing, preventing your house from becoming the perfect home you have always wanted. In this case, relocating the door somewhere more suitable would be the ideal solution. External door relocation can help transform the overall feel and look of your home. More importantly, it will help with accessibility and lighting while allowing you to maximize the use of the space.

This can also be a great opportunity to enhance your property value. After all, it’s not only the interiors of your property that will draw buyers in but the exteriors as well.

What to expect?

You’ll need to start with removing an existing door, whilst making sure that all of the crucial structural joints are kept. The space where the door used to be also needs blocking up after.

You’ll need to make a fresh hole on the new spot where you feel the new door will be more appropriate. When doing so, ensure that the necessary work will not compromise any crucial structural joints. You’re likely going to need new studs for the door frame. Only after this is done can the door be finally put in place.

Whilst relocating the external door, expect the brickwork to be replaced. The area will also require re-plastering as well. This means that you’re likely going to need the services of a plaster and a decorator. You might even need to seek out the services of an electrician especially if there’s wiring needed. These tradesmen are going to impact the project costs considerably, so taking them into consideration when determining your budget is essential.

It’s also possible for the project to require planning permission. In this case, you’ll need to connect with the local council before commencing any work. This may be a job that you can choose to carry out on your own.

However, if your knowledge and experience are limited and if you do not have the necessary tools, there’s a good chance that you’ll only end up causing your home some serious damage, not to mention the possibility of getting injured yourself. So, whilst DIY is a possible route you can take, you may be better off just leaving things to the experts.

Getting a misplaced door relocated can be a good chance to get the overall look and style of the door updated. If doing so, see to it that you will keep the size of the previous one to keep the job simple and straightforward. This ensures a speedy completion as well. When there are adjustments that have to be done, this can add to the overall expenses involved.

Also, there may be piping and wiring work that needs relocation within the walls. This can complicate the task as additional tradesmen will then have to be involved. If and when you will have to seek out the services of plumbers and electricians, expect the final costs to also increase.

External Door Relocation Costs

The costs for getting an outdoor door moved could come up to £1000 to £3000. The final numbers would be dependent on the door location as well as the intricacy of the overall amount of work needed.

When relocating an outer door, take note of the possibility of getting the door replaced, especially if it is already in poor would be cost-effective to get a new door, especially if you are just going to have to replace it soon due to its current state.

When considering the overall costs, remember that you may need decorating and painting work in order to get the area where the old door used to be. If there’s a need to get water and power supplies diverted, then be sure to add that to the overall costs as well.

Expect the builder to charge a daily rate of £150 a day.

Cost Breakdown

For relocating an outer door, expect the costs to come up to £1900. Of that, 1045 pays for the materials, £760 covers the fees of the tradesmen, and £95 accounts for waste removal.