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New Patio Doors Installation Costs

Material Costs, Labour Fees and Time Frame Estimates for Fitting New Patio Doors

Fitting Patio Doors— A Cost Introduction

If you’re thinking of getting the back part of your home renovated and improved, patio doors are perhaps one of the top choices that property owners go for in the UK. Aside from offering easy access, they are also effective at bolstering security despite opening up your space with some natural garden views and pretty natural lighting.

 Prices for Patio Doors

There are generally three types of doors for your patio you can choose from:

  • Bi-folding doors- priced at £1000 at £4000
  • Sliding doors- priced at £500 to £1500
  • French doors- priced at £500 to £1500

The patio door type you should consider heavily depends on how big your potential opening is, your design preference, and the amount of budget you are willing to set aside. Each door type brings its own upsides and the patio door can just be any door as long as it opens to the garden or patio area. This can include sliding doors, French doors and the bi-folding type.

A lot of things need to be considered upon the installation of patio doors. The cost would have to be one of the most important determining factors of all. You do also have to consider the tradesperson whom you will task for the job and the possibility of securing building regulations and planning permissions. This article aims to make the whole process easier for you.

Patio Doors Installation— Important Factors to Take into Account

Getting patio doors installed can damage some of the interior and exterior plasters so see to it that the quotes you’re getting will include getting the plasterwork repaired. 

Unfortunately, decoration will never be included in the quotes, something that will be required for the interior plaster so, make sure to budget for that additional cost as well.

Also, if your windows appear worn and grubby, adding new double glazing may be a good idea as the new doors to your patio will only highlight their less than appealing look. Painting your exteriors will also be a good idea as a dirty exterior wall is definitely going to look right with a brand new patio door. 

Choosing the Best Patio Door

There is a lot of flexibility in terms of deciding which patio door to go for when fitting it in a new build property. However, if you’re just getting an existing one replaced, then your options may be a bit limited as you need to consider the look of your exterior windows when taking a pick.

 French doors look really good with openings that are a bit smaller. It gives you the choice to just open one door for accessibility especially during bad weather days but you can get the entire thing opened wide when there is the sun streaming in. Traditional sliding doors work great if you have an outside space that is a bit restricted and ideal for rather small patio areas.  

Many modern patio systems make use of three tracks to allow multiple doors to independently slide, offering considerable flexibility in the process. Bi-folding doors would have to be the most popular design and are perfect at getting your home opened up when they are fully operated.

Fitting Patio Doors

It’s best not to regard patio door installation as a DIY task. You’ll at least need to refer to a structural engineer or an architect to find out whether a lintel is needed or not. Not adding the correct support to the project can end up causing major structural damage to the property.

However, if there’s already an existing opening and you’re only replacing an already existing door, then DIY-ing this project is a possibility. You do need to measure perfectly since you won’t be allowed to send back the patio doors once they have already been measured and delivered to you.

 When creating or enlarging a patio opening, a lintel that has the capacity to bear a load is usually needed for support. Also, when making quote comparisons, see to it that you get the figures worked into the price as the architect or structural engineer you consult will expect payment. Also, if you end up getting the wrong advice, you might just end up damaging your home structure as a result. 

Patio Door Fitting Costs

The details provided here have been sourced and collated from both online and real-life sources, from personal experiences as well as direct contacts from various builders operating across the UK. Of course, the price that is listed here should only be considered as a rough guide on how much the final costs are likely going to be.

 Expect that the actual cost may be completely different from the quotes depending on what your individual circumstances are. So, the best way to get as accurate a price as possible is to check with actual glazing and window specialists to get things measured and provide you with the necessary quotations. Remember that prices can vary based on the design, materials used, dimensions and location.  

 Average material costs for fitting the doors will usually be dependent on the overall quality of the door, how many of these doors you need installed, and whether you’d prefer it to be triple or double glazed. Extra costs are also likely for materials in the event that you’ll need plastering materials to get the end tidied up when installing the patio doors.

Most specialists would charge £150-£200 a day and expect them to work with a pair as there is usually some heavy lifting needed. There are also instances when the work gets subcontracted especially if they are unable to perform the plastering or structural work or if they’re unable to complete the job.

When doing cost comparisons, make sure to factor in any additional work that has to be done. Also, if you need to consult the services of a structural engineer, expect to add another £100 to your budget. 

Cost Breakdown

Supplying and fitting a patio door with the bi-folding style will usually cost you around £2500 with £2125 covering the material costs, £250 to pay for the services of the tradesmen, and £125 to cover for waste removal.