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Fitting a New Staircase— Costs and Other Considerations

Material Costs, Labour Fees and Time Frame Estimates for Fitting a New Staircase

If you have stairs that are beyond repair, or you’re working on a project where a new set is required, you’ll be delighted to know that the market these days offers a wide variety of options for you to choose from, no matter the size, shape, design, or material of preference. Where costs go, it is always easy to go overboard so, this article aims to offer you not only some helpful collated information when it comes to stair installations, but also some helpful guidelines to help ensure that you’re doing the project right.

For a new staircase that is stained or painted, the costs will usually not be part of the quotes. So, you have the choice to either do the staining and painting yourself or have a painter do the work . If you want carpeted stairs, you will also add the quote from the carpenters in the overall budget. Unfortunately, freshly painted brand new stairs will definitely make the door surrounds and skirting boards look grubby. So, since you’ll already have a decorator assisting you or if you’re doing the painting yourself, you might as well get the paintwork freshened up.

Choosing the Right Type

Getting a staircase fitted is usually beyond the capabilities of even the most accomplished DIY enthusiast, so you will need to sign up for the services of a joiner. When choosing stairs, it’s best to remember that dark spindles and steps can lead to a rather sombre, gloomy look. So, dark coloured staircases are best used in areas that get a lot of open living space. For darker spaces, you’re better off using lighter woods like white oak as it can lend to a contemporary and bright, airy look. You’ll find a variety of modern stairs that really look attractive but are usually a bit expensive. Floating staircases are among such things which are cleverly designed as if they’re defying gravity although in reality, re actually supported by the walls. Helical staircases are another thing to consider as they are beautiful to look at and would do well in compact settings.

DIY Prospects

Building a staircase and getting it fitted in is best done by the capable hands of the experts. Unless you are one accomplished and experienced DIY-er, it is best not to try and do the job yourself. Making a mess will not only be dangerous for you and your loved ones, but it can also mean costing you more especially when you have to call a joiner to fix whatever you have incorrectly done.

There are companies out there though that make stairs that aren’t just designed for the local tradesmen to install but something that DIY-ers may be able to install themselves too. Only a bit of fabrication work will be needed for these stairs and the instructions will usually be included. Something like this can be pursued as a DIY project.

Fitting a New Staircase— Costs to Consider

Note that the pricing details listed in this article are gathered from a variety of online sources. Quotes from tradesmen across the country were also taken into consideration with the intent of providing information that is as accurate as possible. Whilst the prices that are discussed here come from actual quotes, it’s important to note that different staircases will usually be unique in their own way and will likely require a different full quote if you really want to know how much the final figures will be.

Average costs for materials needed to fit a brand new staircase in will also depend on the materials, design and type of your preference. Your location and accessibility will usually be figured into the quote as well. Expect a joiner to charge around £150-£220 a day for getting a new staircase fitted in. Considering how every staircase is unique, it can be hard to determine the specific time it would take for the job to be done. Bespoke stairs that need to be built first before they are fitted in can take up to 10 weeks since they will first have to be designed and manufactured. There will be waiting times, so make sure to factor that in. The actual fitting job will actually take less time, usually 2 days max there’s an old staircase that needs to be removed first.

Cost Breakdown

For the costs of supplying and fitting a bespoke hardwood brand new staircase, replete with ornamental bannisters, expect the total cost to be around £5000. Of that, £3000 will cover the materials, £500 for the tradesmen fees, and the rest will cover the waste removal costs.