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French Door Installation Costs

Material Costs, Labour Fees and Time Frame Estimates for French Door Installation

If you’re planning on paying some attention to the rear part of your property, a crucial feature you should consider would be new French or patio doors. They are great for providing light to your interior and they are ideal in terms of convenient access. Whilst they are perfect for opening up your room to your garden they’re also effective in terms of security. 

Patio doors used to refer to any door that will lead to the patio. Traditionally, however, it used to exclusively mean the sliding type. These days, however, the term encompasses French or bi-folding doors. These doors are most ideal when used in areas with significantly smaller openings. The design generally opens outward to where the garden area is. This is also ideal in Britain with its bad weather as this allows you to just leave one door open when the weather is bad while also giving you the option to get both doors opened wide when the sun is out. 

In terms of materials, uPVC is widely used in Britain. However, there are French doors that are made of hardwood and aluminium. These options will generally cost more. In terms of security, French doors are known for their rather high standards. This is mainly due to the presence of multi-lock systems as well as of manufacturers offering doors that pass the specific security testing. While French doors are popular options in terms of getting access to the garden, they’re also ideal for separating two rooms inside your home. 

Costs for the installation of French doors can vary depending on their measurements and styles. The overall cost would also depend on how challenging the installation job is. These doors can be fitted in a wide array of openings although they are commonly installed as a replacement for windows or for existing patio doors. You’ll always have the choice to have a new opening for your French doors too, but this would prove to be costlier. At the end of the day, it all boils down to your budget and your preferences. 

If you’re buying the French doors from a joinery or a company providing double-glazing products, they will often cover the necessary measurements. If you’re buying the doors online, it will be up to you to get the measurements down pat. You need to be very accurate in doing so as most doors sold online can no longer be returned if it turns out that they’re not the right fit. Just measuring the gap where you expect to fit the doors in is not going to be enough, remember that the style of the doors can vary from one manufacturer to the next. So understanding what the specifics are in measuring your door opening before ordering French doors is crucial. 

There is a misconception that patio doors are more weatherproof than French doors. But if French doors are properly sealed and secured they could be as weatherproof as well. Just see to it that gaps are perfectly sealed. You can use caulk to ensure that gaps are properly filled up. For gaps that are way too big for caulking, a foam backer weather or rod can be used to seal the gaps. This isn’t a problem with professionally-fitted doors though as they’re only likely to have minimal to no gaps once fitted.

Cost for French Door Installation

The type of materials you use and the dimensions of your doors will affect the final costs. For instance, a uPVC double glazed door without side panels and at a 1.2 m dimension could cost you around £400 whilst a 3m one with side panel included can amount to £950. 

In terms of materials, a white uPVC could cost about £500 if you want it fitted, £250 if you’re going for supply only. Composite material could amount to £550 if you want to go for fitted and expect to pay around £350 if you want it to be supply only.

 Most tradespeople will charge £150- £200 daily. The figures could vary based on how simple or complex the work is or if there are other costs that need to be covered as in the case of the tradesperson having to do heavy lighting. If there’s a need for load-bearing lintels, make sure to have this discussed ahead of time so it will be included in the work quotation. If not included, this will be considered an added cost where a structural engineer may have to be consulted to ensure that the installation is done right. 

Cost Breakdown

The costs for the installation of uPVC French doors which include new opening and installation can amount to £2000. Of that, £1300 covers the costs for the materials and £700 covers the tradesmen fees.