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Gas Fire Servicing Costs

Material Costs, Labour Fees and Time Frame Estimates for Gas Fire Servicing

To prevent unnecessarily putting your loved ones at risk, every gas appliance needs to be checked annually in compliance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. An annual safety check includes getting the services of an engineer who is gas safe certified to carry out inspection and to make sure everything is properly set up right and that it has the ideal pressure. Engineers can also make sure can also assess if harmful gases may possibly be leaking and all ventilations are clear. Part of the annual check sees to it that there are no defects in all appliances. Part of what they can do is the installation of gas fire services. 

Other gas suppliers offer safety checking for pensioners, people with a disability or those with kids younger than five years old. While the safety check evaluates your gas fire and how safe it is, the service also includes taking appliances apart to check not only their physical condition but to also conduct the necessary performance test as is required by their respective manufacturers. At most, the yearly checking and servicing can cost around £45 – £60. Once you notice that your gas fire isn’t working properly, when it’s burning yellow flames instead of blue-hued ones or if there are soot or black marks on the fire or around it, get a gas engineer to come over the soonest he can. 

Servicing gas fire costs around £60 at a maximum. This is an excellent value to keep the fire burning in the most efficient manner possible. Also, the Gas Safe engineer will also clean the frames and frets, polish the brass and spray black on the fake coals too, which is essential at making the fixture looking new again.

Most gas fire problems involve incorrect gas pressure. Also, if there is too much draw coming in from your chimney, it can shut the fire down to either protect you or due to the blocked chimney. Some modern gas fires won’t operate without the presence of any power supply. If the fire isn’t operating, you might want to look into the batteries or the fuse for problems.  

Poor installation can also be another cause. To make sure that the gas fire is properly installed, compliant with the manufacturer’s instructions, make sure that only a registered Gas Safe Engineer is tapped to do the job. Ask for a certificate too to show that the work is properly done and to ensure fie safety as well. 

A typical gas fire installations costs about £200. This covers the labour, the actual fire gas and various other materials. If you’re considering the possibility of doing the job yourself, considering how the potential risks involved are carbon monoxide poisoning which can be fatal, it’s not justifiable. You may save some pounds in the process but the risks aren’t worth it. Once it’s properly set up, you can keep it working efficiently and safely by getting the annual safety checking and servicing for your gas at £45. 

Cost Breakdown

For gas fire servicing, expect the costs to be around £60. Of that, £3 covers for the materials and £57 will pay for the tradesmen fees.