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Gas Safety Certificate Costs— Everything You Need to Know

If you’re a landlord in the UK, securing a gas safety certificate is a requirement you must legally comply with. If you own properties that you are renting out, you’ll definitely know about the costs involved for securing such a certificate. Read on and find out how to secure the certificate along with the costs that you’ll be expected to pay.

A gas safety certificate is a form of inspection on all of the appliances that are run by gas inside your property. This evaluation has to be done yearly and it is only allowed to be performed by a Gas Safe engineer who is approved to carry out such inspections. If you have rental properties across the country, this is one requirement you are legally bound to adhere to as a way of reassuring your tenants of their safety.

Part of the inspection is getting all your gas appliances checked. The pipework, flues, and chimneys in your property will need to be evaluated as well. There seems to be a decline in the number of homes that use gas appliances these days so most of the time, a gas fire servicing is what they will sign up for instead.

If you’re not quite sure which of your appliances use gas, you can check with the Gas Safe engineer instead, they would be able to identify which of these items are during the actual inspection process.

After the inspection has been performed and you have successfully passed, a CP12 certificate will be issued. You’re required to keep it for two years and make sure that copies of the certificate are provided to all your tenants not more than 28 days from the time it was issued.

If you have new tenants moving in, you’re required to furnish them their own copy as well.

Securing a Certificate— A Helpful Guide

The moment the gas Safe engineer you hired arrives, they’ll perform a number of checks on all your gas-powered appliances. Expect them to:

  • Check the gas tightness of the appliances
  • Check the working and standing gas pressure
  • Check the gas and burner pressure against the plates provided by the manufacturers
  • Check that the ventilation is the house is satisfactory
  • Assess the flow of the flue to ensure that combustion products are effectively removed off the property
  • Assess that the safety devices in the property are all working
  • Check if there is any misuse on the gas terms and devices

Any appliance that your tenants have decided to buy whilst they are renting your property isn’t really your responsibility. But it doesn’t hurt to have it included in the evaluation. Whilst you’re not directly responsible for these appliances they’ve brought along, the pipework supplying gas to these appliances is your responsibility.

After you have successfully passed the check a Gas Safety Certificate or CP12 for landlords will be issued to you and this will be valid for a year. Another check will have to be taken the next year.

Always check out several qualified gas safe engineers before deciding which one to hire for the actual inspection. This is especially true since the quotes they will likely extend to you will vary considerably. Some will be happy to carry the inspection for something as low as £35 but there are also others that may subject you to higher charges like £150 or more.

Where you are located in the country can also determine how much the charges are going to be. So, always gather several quotes and make comparisons prior to making a decision. 

Remember that the certificate can only be obtained if the inspection is carried out by a Gas Safe engineer who is registered. See to it that the engineer you sign up for is indeed qualified to get the inspection carried out.

You can always refer to the official Gas Safe Register in order to locate a certified Gas Safe engineer for the inspection you require. This ensures that the engineer is indeed approved to officially perform the inspection. 

Gas Safety Certificate Costs

A gas safety certificate could cost around £60 to £90. This would depend on where in the UK you’re located as well as the number of appliances that need to be inspected. This will be considered a statutory job at a fixed rate which will be carried out by your Gas Safe engineer of choice. 

Cost Breakdown

Inspecting a single property and then certifying it for gas safety can cost around £75, where £3.75 will cover the material costs and the remaining £71.25 pays for the services of the engineer.