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General Garden Maintenance Costs

Material Costs, Labour Fees and Time Frame Estimates for Hiring a Gardener for Your General Garden Maintenance Needs

General maintenance for your garden usually requires feeding the lawn and cutting the grass, trimming and pruning the hedges and bush, removing the weeds, blowing leaves, cleaning the driveway and the patio, as well as watering.

Costs would generally depend heavily on your address, how big or small the maintenance company is, your garden’s size, as well as the amount of work required.

You’ll notice that there is usually a stark difference between how much self-employed gardeners will charge versus those who run a much larger operation with a number of employees under them.

There will also be additional costs with larger businesses due to larger overhead. Meanwhile, one-man-band providers can afford to charge lower, enough to pay for their limited expenses and wages.

The rates that gardeners in London and other areas along the SouthEast will charge you will be generally higher compared to what gardeners in the West or North will subject you to. London has the highest living costs across the country and rates get affected as well.

Grass growth is set to peak around Autumn and Spring which means that your grass may require cutting at least once a week or once every two weeks. The need for mowing your grass generally gets reduced considerably in the wintertime.

Regular feeding is required for your lawn in order to maintain its health as well as encourage grass growth. Gardeners are expected to feed your turn two times every year to ensure the best possible results.

Formative pruning is also needed for new hedges at least two times annually. However, if you already have established hedges, then they will only require maintaining trimming at least once every year. If you have formal and rather elaborate hedges, pruning two times a year may be needed to ensure that they’re looking their best.

Also, maintenance trims are best carried out during the summer and spring months. Any professional gardener worth his salt will know when the best time is to get the hedges and bushes trimmed.

Pruning is crucial in terms of ensuring healthy flowering and growth. It’s necessary to get certain trees and shrubs pruned at the exact time for best results. There are plants that must be pruned around the wintertime, some right after they have flowered.

Weed is another thing to pay attention to when it comes to garden maintenance. Whilst the term can be subjected to generally refer to plants of invasive nature that tend to compete for growth space with grass. In the UK, dandelion, clover, buttercups, and daisies are perhaps the most common weeds to invade lawns.

Prompt removal is key to prevent the problem from becoming large scale. Efforts should start in springtime and should go on until autumn. More and more people these days aren’t too bothered with weed growth any more provided that they just get the lawn trimmed regularly and neatly.

During the drier seasons, in dry and hot periods, your plants will need to be watered. The exception being the toughest and drought-tolerant varieties. You won’t generally have to worry about watering during the wetter months, but you gardener must still take note of the rain frequency.

The drive and patio will also require cleaning as well as some weeding. Oftentimes, a pressure hose would be more than enough to get the entire place cleaned up.

If you wish for a gardener to regularly take care of your garden maintenance needs, you can draw up a contract that will specify the number of hours every year that get paid monthly or weekly between you and your gardener of choice.

Going for a fixed per month price can be more practical than paying massive bills during the summer or autumn when the majority of the gardening maintenance works get done. Most gardeners would also prefer getting a monthly payment too to make way for easier budgeting.

Just see to it that you carefully go over the terms of the contract before signing it especially if it is a long-term one.

General Garden Maintenance— Expected Costs

It’s often very difficult to determine prices for garden maintenance but it’s also common for gardeners to charge an hourly rate for their work they do. There’s a huge difference in the hourly rate between gardeners in the north to those working in London with rates starting from £15 to £50 an hour. It’s common for gardeners too to charge a 2-3 hour rate for minor jobs. Some would be happy to work on fixed rates if it is a rather big job. There are a variety of tasks included in a general garden maintenance work from lawn feeding and grass cutting, bush and hedge pruning and trimming, weed removal, leaf blowing, driveway and patio cleaning and many more.

Cost Breakdown

The individual costs involved in hiring the services of a gardener to trim hedges, mow the lawn, and perform general tidying tasks around the garden could add up to 150. Of that, £15 goes for materials needed to do the job, £120 pays for the services of the tradesman, and the remaining £15 covers the waste removal cost.