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Gutter Cleaning Costs

Roof gutters play the important role of collecting rainwater from your roof so it can be transported away from the structure and into a soakaway or a drain on the ground. In the UK, most gutters are plastic however, there are properties with gutters that are made of aluminium and cast iron. This is especially true among older properties.

It’s common for UK gutters to be smaller compared to what’s prevalently used across Europe and even in the USA. This is why they have a tendency to get clogged more often. Among the most common causes of downpipe and gutter clogging are leaves, twigs, and roof moss. Getting the debris removed is not really that difficult a process to carry out, it can even be done manually using a glove, a ladder, and a bucket. 

You may find other related work that would require doing whilst getting your gutters cleaned. For instance, you can get your roof tiles cleaned up too, especially if they have been covered with lichen and moss, which can be quite unsightly.

You can also apply chemical treatments to ensure that regrowth will be prevented. In addition, during the cleaning process, you might find that your guttering is really not in peak condition. The fascia where your guttering is currently fixed to may also need some attention.

If you reside in a place where blocked gutters are a common occurrence, you might want to invest in a gutter guard. This helps keep roof moss, twigs and leaves away from your guttering. It is also advised that you get any overhanging branches cut off so debris clogging will also be reduced.

DIY Prospects

It is possible to do gutter cleaning on your own as the process is simple, straightforward and will usually only require getting the accumulated debris scooped pit by hand. You will also need to use a hose to flush the downpipes. However, it is risky when you work at a height, especially when you’re on top of a ladder.

So, most people would rather employ the services of a contractor to get the job done. These professionals will be able to carry out the task without the need for scaffolding or ladders as they can just use lightweight cleaning poles for this purpose.

If you have overflowing gutters but there is no blockage in the system, there is a good chance that the problem could be underground. This can increase overall costs considerably. You will have to refer to the authority to assess who’s responsible for paying the costs. When blockage occurs underneath the property, responsibility will generally be yours.

Also, if the roof is positioned higher than most, say if you have a three or four-storey property, the costs will be significantly higher as well. Most of the time, the labour cost is really decided based on how easy it is for the professionals to get to your roof.

If it is possible to get the gutters cleaned up even when the providers are just staying at ground level using carbon fibre poles that are telescopic in nature, the costs will not be as hefty. If there is a need for scaffolding, then the costs will generally be much higher.

Costs for Gutter Cleaning

The average costs for getting the gutters cleaned will be dependent on the height and size of your home, as well as how easy it is to access the gutters. Assuming there’s easy access to your gutters, then the costs for gutter cleaning of a property that is semi-detached should be about £125. This is money that’s well-spent since gutters that have overflown can lead to various problems that are even more expensive. You should get your gutters cleaned at least two times yearly.

It’s common for roofing specialists to charge £150 a day. It would usually take them up to 8 hours to get the gutters of an average-sized property cleaned.

Cost Breakdown

The individual costs for hiring a roofing expert to get the gutters cleaned of a semi-detached 2-storey property where access to the gutters is easy could amount to £125. Of that, £100 pays for the tradesmen fees and £25 accounts for the waste removal costs.