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Gate Fitting/Hanging Costs

Material Costs, Labour Fees and Time Frame Estimates for Fitting/Hanging a Gate

Your gate serves as your garden’s front door. It’s what your visitors will see first too. A properly designed gate is going to do wonders to the overall aesthetics of your home, but it’s going to enhance your security too. You can even take advantage of automated options these days too if you so wish.

Gates can vary in type, style, and size. You can get garden gates made of off-cut timbers. Another option is an automated, custom-designed, wrought iron driveway gate that could cost as much as £10000. In this article, we will make it easier for you to decide which gate will work best for you and prevent you from paying way too much for such a project.

If you’re looking for gates that are standard-size, you’ll find that a cast number of companies currently offer the materials needed. However, standard-sized gates are only just a few in reality. This is why custom-designed gates are better to ensure that your specific needs are taken into account. With made to measure fates, you’re sure that everything is going to perfectly fit and that the resulting gate will look attractive as well.

It may not be the best idea to go for wooden, mass-produced gates. There’s no way of knowing how long they’ve been in storage. One can’t even get assurance if they’ve been properly protected against the elements. Whilst they may have excellent craftsmanship and woodwork, but if these are manufactured out of the country and have been kept outdoors without proper painting or staining before they were shipped, they may have already warped and twisted long before you have fitted them. This is why, where possible, always go for locally spruced gates that are also made to measure.

Most of the issues concerning gates stem from the fact that they are not properly maintained. It may also be a case of bad installation. For automated gates, it’s often down to how the gate may have been badly positioned which leads to poor tracking. This forces the gate to move in positions that it’s not really meant to do, to begin with. Problems with automated gates will usually start cropping up in the few months after it has been installed. When it comes to conventional gates, it could take years before the materials will weaken.

Gate Installation Costs

The prices displayed here were gathered from a number of sources across the country. The figures are based on the basic rate that tradesmen charge, which is usually £150 a day. A labourer may be necessary sometimes, which could mean an additional £100 a day. The prices involved will also cover material costs as well as waste removal when necessary. 

How much the material costs are for installing a gate will be banked on the gate’s price and its style. If you’re looking for more affordable options, go for metal gates as gates made of wood are going to cost more. Among the other material expenses you need to cover include posts and hinges for the installation. 

Most handymen will charge you an average daily rate of £100 -£200. Installing a gate shouldn’t take more than two hours to do. Smaller jobs will be more expensive to cover though since most tradespeople will charge a minimum hourly rate that they will subject their customers to.

 Cost Breakdown

Individual costs for the supply and installation of a wooden driveway could reach up to £750, with £375 covering the materials and the other half covering the labour fees for the tradesmen.