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Gas Fire Installation Costs – Average Price for New or Replacement!

Material Costs, Labour Fees and Time Frame Estimates for Gas Fire Installation or Replacement

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Gas fires are quite popular across the UK. Not only are they cost-efficient to run, but they also take less time to heat up as well.

However, compared to electrical heaters that can be easily plugged to your wall sockets, gas appliances have to be fitted by a licensed engineer or Contractor who is Gas Safe registered to ensure that safety and legal requirements are successfully met.

Getting a gas fire connected may seem simple enough.

However, unless you have been registered as Gas Safe, it’s not only illegal but potentially dangerous as well.

This is why if you’re considering the possibility of getting a gas fire that requires supply from the mains gas, it’s important to consider the installation cost.

It’s worth noting that most retailers have installation services. Whilst this isn’t necessarily the cheapest choice out there, it is significantly the easiest. Here are some price details to help you decide which choice is best for you.

If you decide to hire an engineer to get the installation done, you might as well get them to do regular maintenance and checks as well, to make the most of their presence. You’ll probably enjoy some discounts for not having to get them to come to your property again next time. If you’re aiming for the removal of some old gas fire, note the redecoration may be necessary later on, especially if you the surround or the fire was directly fitted to your wall.

You’ll likely require the presence of a plasterer if there’s damage to the plasterwork due to the removal. Remember that not all types of gas fires will be appropriate for the type of chimney or flue you have at home. If you end up with an unsuitable gas fire, the chimney will have to be lined and then tested.

A chimney isn’t always necessary in order to get a gas fire installed as there are types of gas fires that don’t require one. A flueless gas fire works without requiring a flue. These gas fires utilize catalytic converters that transform combustion products into vapour that is harmless so venting it into the room can be safely done.

Balanced flue types are designed to get combustion products evacuated whilst making it possible for air to get in for combustion via a wall at the back of the fire.

Completely sealed, these gas fires often have glass fronts that allows you to see the flame behind. Power flue types, on the other hand, utilize a fan to make it possible for combustion gas to move outside. They are typically used when the conventional flue or chimney just seems way too small. It is best to refer to a certified engineer in order to determine the specific ventilation and flue requirements.

Attempting to install the gas fire by yourself or hiring some handyman who isn’t qualified to do it is very risky. This lead to you dealing with considerably higher costs compared to what you would generally have to spend if you get a qualified gas engineer to do it.

Gas Fire Installation Costs

The price information we provide in this article were compiled from a variety of sources such as local contractors, retailers and manufacturers offering installation services, as well as national players. The overall cost of the job can be affected by where you’re currently located. Still, despite the increase in both fuel prices as well as installation costs, gas fires remain a cost-effective means to get your home heated.

The average cost for materials involved in a gas fire installation will lie heavily on the model and price of the specific gas fire you choose. If there is extra pipework that should be fitted in, make sure to factor that into the overall costs as well.

Most specialists will charge about £150-£200 for their daily labour rate. The job should be fairly straightforward, taking up to 3 hours at the most although this might be extended if there are issues along the way.

Cost Breakdown

The individual costs for getting a new gas fire installed with pipework included could add up to £100, with £10 covering the material costs and £90 to pay for the services of the heating specialist.

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