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Laminate Flooring Installation Costs

Material Costs, Labour Fees and Time Frame Estimates for laminate Flooring Installation

When it comes to floors, laminate flooring is perhaps the UK’s most popular choice for many years. Even today, it still remains a very popular choice. It’s quite easy to understand the fascination with this material though. The fact that it looks almost as good as expensive hardwood is one. It is also relatively easy to clean, making it perfect for homeowners leading fast-paced lifestyles.

 In recent years, laminate flooring has become available in more varieties, offering homeowners with such choices as slate, ceramic tile, and stone. What’s even remarkable is how convincing they look. For the homeowner who wants to achieve the same look at a fraction of the actual price, laminate becomes the perfect choice to go for. It’s also an added plus that underfloor heating can be installed underneath your laminate flooring. In fact, the two can be performed in just a single installation.

Practical Choice

The practicality of laminate flooring makes it an easy choice among those that want to go the cheaper route but still get some impressive aesthetics. The modern production and print for laminate flooring allow it to emulate anything through its laminate layer on top. Any flooring look can now be replicated by laminate flooring these days including expensive stone tiles and traditional hardwood. They look so authentic that most visitors will likely have no idea unless they will do a close inspection of your floors.

 Stone tiled floors or one with solid hardwood will check all the boxes aesthetically. Unfortunately, they aren’t cheap. The installation has to be done by experts too. They are also known for their rather high upkeep costs. Laminate flooring, on the other hand, is not only easy to fit, but they also require little to no maintenance.

DIY Prospects

Most people would hire professionals for laying their new floors. However, there are also those that would prefer to do the task DIY. What’s good with laminate floor installation is that it can be done DIY so people can further bring the costs down. Any flooring project done DIY will also incur lower charges since you won’t have to pay for the services of skilled specialists anymore.

 It does hold the disadvantage of possibly taking longer to finish especially if you’re only able to do it in your free time, like on weekends when you’re not working. Also, if you don’t really have the necessary tools to do the job, buying your own might actually end up becoming more costly. Also, laying out flooring can test your patience. It needs to be precisely done, after all. If you’re not confident with your level of patience, it may be better for you to hire the experts instead. The last thing you want is to do a poor job and end up having to get the job redone instead.

Hiring the Experts

If you’re not convinced you’ll do a great job going the DIY route, you always have the choice to hire a professional floor fitter to assist you instead. Not only are they capable of ensuring a top-quality finish, but they can also guarantee whatever problems might occur once the installation has been carried out. Doing a poor job via DIY now will only likely cost you more so, it would be more prudent to just have an experienced fitter do it for you.

 Even if you think you can carry out the fitting task on your own, it wouldn’t hurt to ask around for some quotes. You want to find out how much the professional fitters will subject you to as well weigh in on the pros and cons of each choice. Generally, a fitter will charge a daily rate of £150. A day will usually give them enough time to complete a room of average size. Smaller rooms will take even less time and may be subject to £25 an hour rate.

Laminate Flooring Installation Costs

Laminate flooring materials will generally cost around £20 for every square metre. For an average-sized room of 14 square metres, the costs could run up to £280 for materials alone. The numbers could increase depending on the specific type of laminate flooring you’d prefer. Some types may also be trickier to fit which could lead to higher service fees charged by the fitter.  

 How long it would take for the tradesperson to get the fitting done will generally be dependent on how small or big the room is and how it is shaped. Larger rooms that are shaped uniquely may increase both the time and the costs involved.

Cost Breakdown

For an average-sized room, the total cost of installing laminate flooring is £550. Of that, £280 goes to the materials, —220 covers the tradesmen’s fees, and £60 covers the waste removal costs