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Loft Ladders – Loft Ladder Installation Cost Guide

Material Costs, Labour Fees and Time Frame Estimates for Loft Ladders Installation Cost

If there’s loft space in your home and you want a safe means to access it, or you’re thinking of getting your attic transformed into a storage space and want to access it safely, a loft ladder would be a great idea to consider. Loft ladders are ideal if you want to safely maximise the safety of your loft space. 

The project shouldn’t be that complicated and if you’ve had some experience doing DIY before, this may be something worth considering. Of course, it will always be safer and quicker to have the professionals do it. It will usually only take a few hours to get the installation done if professionals are to do it.

Also, if you’re not converting your lot into a living space, there will be no need to secure planning approvals or building regulations. Attic storage aren’t only useful, they can also help add to your home value too which makes it worth it to have a proper loft ladder and hatch fitted for safety and convenience. 

Loft Hatch – Loft Insulation Matters 

For many of the older properties around the country, it’s common for loft hatches to have smaller, more limited space. Today, the roof space needs to be accessed so insulation can be fitted. It’s also necessary to get access to water tanks. Also, space is considered a premium for every modern home and you can use the loft as a useful space for storing lightweight items. Even when a ladder isn’t really necessary, the loft hatch can still be useful as a storage area. 

If your loft space is considerably small but you want to use it as an additional storage area, you can always go for a loft hatch with a decent size fitted in along with a loft ladder for better access. If your loft hasn’t yet been boarded up to be used as a storage space, you can have it done at the same time as well. 

Before anything else though, make sure first that the loft is properly insulated first. You’ll want modern insulation of about 150mm thickness to save energy and to keep your fuel bills down.

After successfully setting up the loft insulation, you will need to have it boarded out. Insulation boards that are specifically designed to safely fit atop the insulation are used for this purpose to make it possible to use the loft as storage for much heavier items. 

Loft Ladder and Hatch – DIY Possibilities

If you’re considering the idea of fitting a loft ladder and a hatch via DIY, remember that there are rafters on the roof that are designed to support its weight, cutting into them will weaken the roof so you need to be precise and accurate in doing so.

If you’re not confident that this is something you can execute quite well on your own, you can always consult professionals. Be extra careful too when moving about the ceiling as this is generally not constructed to support your weight. 

If you’re really determined to do this DIY, remember to fit the ladders along the direction of the joists. Some people make the mistake of fitting it across which means redoing the job. It is possible to buy kits for loft ladders and hatches so even those that don’t really have any building expertise can carry out the job.

These products also come with the mounting materials needed for the installation along with the complete instructions. This is something that competent DIY-ers might want to try out when looking for a less expensive installation cost option. 

Costs of Folding Ladders Installation

Costs for getting a loft ladder installed will vary based on the specific loft ladder you prefer. Usually, these ladders can be categorized into two— folding and sliding types. Loft ladders may have steel, aluminium or wood for the material.

If you’re looking for a lightweight option, aluminium would be perfect. If you’re looking for something that is quieter and is also durable, go for wood. If you’re fitting in an aluminium ladder with two sections for your loft opening, expect the cost to be around £250 which is way cheaper.

Loft Ladders – Ladder Installation Costs

The average ladder installation cost for the materials involved in a loft ladder installation will have much to do with the specific ladder type you’re installing. These ladders could either be made of timber or aluminium. If you don’t mind spending more, timber is the way to go. If durability and sturdiness are what you’re looking for plus a much more affordable price then go for aluminium.

Just note that they can be a bit on the noisy side and may not be as aesthetically appealing. Wooden loft ladders could generally cost about £150-£250, with quality being a price determinant. Even cheaper are ladders made of metal which could cost you around £75 to £150. 

Most joiners would charge a daily rate of £150-£200. It could take up to two hours for the ladder to get fitted. Meanwhile, if you’re going for a ladder installation along with a bit of expansion of the loft space, then expect the work to take a few days to complete. 

Cost Guide Breakdown – Installing Ladder

Fitting a loft ladder made of wood can cost about £300, with £200 spent on the materials and £100 to cover the tradesperson’s fees.