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Soakaway Installation Costs – Removal, Specs & Detailed Price for Tank

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This page aims to answer all of your questions about soakaways and the costs involved if you are to get them fitted. A soakaway is one large hole that is made of plastic that then gets buried under the ground, making it an effective water storage area, and is then allowed to percolate slowly into its surrounding soil.

In the past, it used to be a hole that then gets filled with bricks, hardcore, and other large debris. Crates of this type are quite strong, so it is possible to get them grassed over after they have been buried under soil. Crate systems are known for not easily getting blocked using silt. 

Reasons for Installing a Soakaway

There are several reasons that new soakaway may be necessary for your property. Among these instances include needing a drainage channel or you want rainwater from the roof guttering to have a proper way to drain to. Among the most common issues people have with soakaways is that they can collapse because of the weight above or get blocked. If your home has been extended, there is a good chance that the amount of rainwater draining into the soakaway may be way too much for its coping capacity.

Based on current building n regulations, if you are installing a new patio or driveway, you have to make sure that there is appropriate rainwater drainage within the boundaries of your property. Meeting these regulations would be easy via a soakaway.

What the Job Entails

If you intend to get an existing soakaway removed and replaced with a crate system will require digging up any existing drainage pipe. Gravel will then be laid along the trench base. What follows is digging up your old soakaway until a depth of up 1.2 metres has been reached. A water-permeable test will then be carried out to ensure that water is indeed soaking through the soil.

If you have clay-based soil at home, this system is likely not going to work. Gravel will then be laid along the base. Crates will follow and the new drainage pipes that connect to the crates are next. Lastly, a membrane will be laid around and over the crates. Topsoil will be used to cover everything up. Once this is done, the drainage pipe of the soakaway will get connected to the downpipe for your rainwater.

Benefits of Soakaways

Soakaways are necessary because they help store any water run-off, making them an effective buffer that prevents rainwater surges from overwhelming your drainage systems or causing floods. They also make it possible for stormwater to easily infiltrate into the soil. How long it would take for discharge to complete usually depends on the size and shape of the soakaway and the specific characteristics of the soil.

These systems are also popular among planners due to how crucial a role they play as a crucial technology used for SUDS, preventing the overburdening of the local sewer systems. Note that these systems rarely work in soils that have heavy clay characteristics. For a soakaway to succeed, two crucial factors need to be taken into account— the soil’s percolation rate and how big or small the area is. If a site is waterlogged, the water table could be considerably high. Instances like these make soakaways less effective, reducing them into just nothing but a hole filled up with water.

Soakaway Installation Cost Considerations

On average, a soakaway installation could cost around £70 to £1000. The price depends heavily on several factors, such as whether the soakaway gets installed under the driveway or the lawn. Your location and the specific soakaway type you want will also have an effect on the final price.

It’s common for soakaways specialists to charge about £150-£200 daily for labour services. They will usually have to work with a pair too when fitting the soakaway. The job should take a day, at the most. However, if you need it installed under your driveway, it could take up to 3 days to complete.

Cost Breakdown

The individual costs involved in hiring the services of a tradesman to get your soakaway installed under the lawn could add up to £700. Of that, £140 will cover the materials, £525 pays for the tradesmen, and £35 pays for the waste removal costs

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