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Install Towel Rail Radiator Cost

Heated Towel Rail Radiator Installation – A Breakdown of Costs and Other Details

If you’re not too keen on having a traditional radiator for your bathroom, a stylish alternative is the heated towel rail radiator.

Often available in a number of styles and design, it’s easy to pick one that suits your personal preference as well as whatever existing décor your bathroom is already fitted with.

If you have some decent know-how on electrical wiring or some impressive plumbing skills to boot, this is a job that you can effectively DIY— letting you save even more money in the process.

You just have to carefully follow the Electrical Wiring Regulations, specifically for special bathroom installations and those in “wet” areas around the house, to the tea.

Heated Towel Rail – Electric and Wet Radiators Explained

You’ll need to choose between two kinds of towel radiators before you start. The stand-alone electric towel rails use your electricity supply for power.

The second type, the “wet” towel radiators are connected to your central heating. These radiators pose their respective advantages and downsides so, a quick research on the matter will help you make a more sound and informed decision.

Wet towel rail installation

You’ll need to tap into your central heating circuit when installing a wet towel rail. If it has been some time since you’ve had your system checked, have the plumber do a power flush to make the most of their presence.

If the project requires removing an old radiator, this could be a great chance for you to carry out some redecoration.

You can even tile the area for easy access but also to create a polished finish too. If you’re replacing an old water-filled radiator with one that runs off of the building’s central heating, the old unit just gets directly swapped with the heated towel rail. In most cases, there is no reconfiguration needed or a very minor one may be required.

Electric towel rail installation

If you prefer electric towel rails, you’ll need an electrician to fit it in. The law stipulates that an electrician is present to safely connect the rails into your power supply.

These towel radiators operate quietly, which can be a big thing for most people. It’s maintenance-free too. Thanks to modern technology which the units are run on, they also offer the advantage of being significantly cheaper. 

Choosing the Right Size

When it comes to wet towel rail installations, it matters that the unit you choose is about the same size as your old one.

This prevents the need for the plumber to remove some of the bathroom flooring’s when connecting the new unit— which will not only add to the inconvenience of having to deal with the additional mess and a much higher cost. 

Location and Pricing

When assessing how much the overall cost for the project, remember that location will play a huge factor in the price of plumbing jobs.

For instance, plumbing prices are generally more expensive in the South East or in London. Prices can be up to 50% higher than what plumbers in the North or in Wales will generally charge.

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Heated Towel Rail Radiator Installation Costs

We have compiled the average pricing information to help you choose the right electrician or engineer when installing and testing a heated towel rail.

Just note that whilst these prices can serve as a helpful reference on what the average costs will be, the final amount will likely change based on the project’s specifications. Where you’re located will need to be factored in too. 


For the material cost, how much your preferred towel rail is priced at will be the highest determining factor. This will also have to include extra costs incurred in the event that additional piping and fixtures are needed for the installation.

Towel radiators will generally cost around £30 to £150. Retail cost will also depend on the finish and size of the unit.   

For labour costs, most electricians charge a daily rate of £150. Installation time for heated towel rails usually takes between two and three hours.

However, extra time will be needed for replacing the old unit. With call-out fees included, your trades person could charge between £75 and £150 to do the job.

With labour costs and materials factored in, the individual cost for towel radiator installation has an average total cost of £200.