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Patio Pressure Washing Costs

Material Costs, Labour Fees and Time Frame Estimates for Pressure Washing Your Patio

Getting your patio cleaned up should be quick and easy enough with a handy pressure washer. Pressure washing can also help prevent patios from becoming too slippery and looking grainy. Whilst it is possible to get these parts of your home cleaned via a hose and a scrubbing brush, there is no denying that pressure washer just gets things done faster. 

Over the years, the prices for pressure washers have significantly reduced so homeowners can now get access to handy pressure washing when keeping their large patio areas and driveways cleaned up and maintained. However, if you’re looking for something more effective and more powerful, you’ll have to look at pressure washing experts. If you want to avoid having to do the work yourself, you always have the choice to hire expert pressure washers to get the job done instead. 

Getting your driveway cleaned using a pressure washer is ideal if you aim to get the stains, weeds, and algae removed. Once the surfaces have been pressure washed, you can leave it to dry. You can then have the joints refilled with sand that is kiln-dried or use a sealing product to ensure that the surfaces are duly protected. 

If getting your driveway and patio cleaned up, it is best to get other areas cleaned up as well. Most of the companies offering patio and driveway cleaning will be more than happy to offer other masonry and brick cleaning services as well, especially for surfaces adjacent to your driveway. This ensures that you don’t just get to have a clean and lovely drive but also equally clean walls too. 

If cleaning the driveway using a hose, see to it that the fixture is attached securely to the tap. You will have to do a bit of hard work too. This is because the pressure washers you can buy at DIY stores aren’t going to be as powerful as those used by the professionals. However, as long as you only have superficial dirt and grime on the surfaces, DIY solutions can be effective enough. However, for most problems and deeply ingrained dirt, you will need the intervention of the experts if you are to get a good and deep clean. Professionals will not only have the necessary powerful equipment to get the job done but they are also well-versed in the necessary chemical combinations to get the job done right. 

When using pressure washers, see to it that you are using the right lance. The connectors must also be attached tight and secure onto the device and make sure that there aren’t any leaks. Take note of the instructions provided by the manufacturers and see to it that you are wearing the necessary eye protection. When cleaning, blast the grime on one corner and use a sweeping motion as you work your way across the surface. A biocide and detergent are necessary for rinsing via low pressure. If possible, go invest in a pressure washer that has a variety of settings to allow you to change the pressure level depending on the state of the surface you are cleaning. Going for washers with long hoses isn’t a bad idea either as it allows you to move more freely whilst you clean.

You can choose to use a garden hose and a broom to safely clean your patio and driveway. However, if you have ingrained grime, mould or algae growth, or oil stains, a broom will be inadequate to get the proper clean. These instances will benefit most from power washing. Do note that despite the effectiveness of power washing to clean up hard surfaces, they can also cause damage to paving or brick if done by inexperienced users. It’s easy enough to turn the power washer on and aim it to a surface. But if they are inappropriately handled, they can damage your surfaces and can even lead to serious injuries. If you’re not confident that you can safely operate a power washer, it is best to call the experts to do the job for you instead. 

Costs for Jet Washing Your Patio

You won’t need to pay for materials costs when getting your patio or driveways power washed as the tradesmen will cover this. They will likely need to use your water but as far as the chemicals to be used go, they will be the ones to provide it. It’s common for the average specialist to charge about £100 to £150 a day for a power cleaning job and the task could take around 4-12 hours, depending on how large the area is and if there is a need for resealing and re-sanding later on. 

Cost Breakdown

For cleaning a medium-sized patio, expect the costs to amount to £200, where £50 covers for the materials and the remaining £150 pays for the tradesmen fees.