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Kitchen Relocation Costs

Over time, the way we use our homes can change considerably. Over the years, how your kitchen is designed may no longer be appropriate for modern living.

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This is a problem that can be easily solved by Relocating your Kitchen to a different, more suitable location, especially if contemporary living is what you’re aiming for.

If you’re considering the idea, below is a useful guide that should help you.

What Does a Kitchen Relocation Involve?

If you have a kitchen that is too small or is positioned at a rather awkward location, it can be an inconvenience that you will have to deal with daily. A good solution would be to have it moved to a better location. Such a change, when done right, can lead to a more rejuvenated home, allowing you to make the most of the space.

Note that kitchens are always considered a major selling point for any property. Getting yours improved via relocating it to a better, more appropriate area can add considerable value to your place.

What Should You Expect When Relocating Your Kitchen?

Moving a kitchen will require you to remove the existing kitchen. This usually involves disconnecting the plumbing and the appliances as well as taking out the cabinets. You will also need to get the former renovated to get it converted into a more suitable living space.

Overhauling the old kitchen space could include giving the flooring an update as well as having walls repaired. Transforming the new area into a kitchen will need plumbing pipes to be laid out. Your new kitchen will also need new fittings and walls. The floors will usually require some repairs and decoration as well.

Understand that this is a complex job and a number of tasks are needed to complete the project. You’ll require the services of a licensed and experienced plumber as a number of drainage and plumbing work will be needed. A plasterer is also necessary. You’ll also need the services of a decorator and a plasterer in getting your walls repaired. During the renovation process, expect to need the presence of an electrician.

Plumbing and Electrical Installations Done Right

You’ll need assurance that the drainage and plumbing are done right. Depending on where the kitchen is located or the available pipes, be aware that this can have an effect on the costs involved. The further the distance of the pipes to the new kitchen, the more effort and time will be needed— as well as the costs involved.

Considering how top-quality plumbing is needed for the kitchen, you will want to discuss your options with experienced and qualified plumbers to ensure that you get multiple quotes and compare them.

In the same manner, you will need electrical work to be done solidly and safely. There might be a need to implement certain changes to the electrical sockets in the new room.

Relocations and modifications on the specific spots and direction where the sockets should be added may be necessary. If the new room doesn’t have any existing sockets yet, then you’ll need to account for the additional costs of adding some.

Additional Costs to Account For

If you’re using gas in the kitchen or want the new one to be equipped with gas, you’ll need a capable engineer for gas safety. This can be quite costly but the figures should be worth it if it means that the work will be professional and safely executed.

If you’re currently using gas but want to shift to electrical appliances instead, this could lead the costs to be brought down a few notches. A gas safety engineer should be able to help give you some sound advice on what the best option is.

Another crucial factor is the scale of the current and future kitchen. Lager rooms are always going to end up costing more in terms of the installation proves. More materials will be needed to get a larger room renovated and decorated. So, if the new room is considerably bigger, make sure to account for additional costs.

Be sure to make comparisons on the tradespeople and companies that will be involved with the project too. You want to be aware not just of the price difference but in the overall quality of the work that they will be expected to carry out. Don’t forget to pay attention to the quality of the materials they will be using as well.

This can have a profound effect on how solid the final product is going to be. Asking for multiple quotations from a number of providers will make it easier for you to make excellent comparisons so you end up with the right option at the end of the day.

The relocation will also involve getting a door or window moved as well. So, the project might require extra pairs of hands in certain stages of its progress. Make sure to take into account these potential added costs when determining a good budget that will cover the costs involved for the project.

Are Planning Permissions Necessary?

Planning permission may be necessary for a kitchen relocation project to get done. Certain regulations may also need to be followed in order for the project to be allowed. It helps to get in touch with your local council to gather more relevant information before any work gets commenced to avoid issues later on.

DIY Possibilities

Kitchen relocation is quite a complex job and a lot of work is involved to get it done successfully. A number of tradesmen and specialists will also be needed to get every stage and process done as efficiently as possible. This is why this may not be a job that even the most avid DIY-er should consider taking on.

Also, once the relocation has been done, you’ll find that there may be a need for you to get some additional work done. This could involve laying extra pipework, repairing the walls, more carpentry tasks, and even additional electrical wiring. Note that every extra job you need to get done will mean additional costs for you to cover.

So, do account for these expenses in the budget that you will set aside.

How Much Does a Kitchen Relocation Cost?

The average costs involved in getting an existing kitchen relocated could come up to £14000 to £19000, depending on the intricacy of the work that needs to be done. It’s common for builders to charge a daily rate of £150.

Cost Breakdown

If you plan on getting your kitchen moved to a different part of your property, the total cost could come up to £16000. Of that, £12800 pays for the materials, £2400 covers the tradesmen’s fees, and £800 accounts for waste removal.

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