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Loft Light Installation Costs

If you access your loft space regularly but don’t have a loft light yet in place, using an extension cord every time can be quite inconvenient. It is easier and safer to access your loft space with a loft light fitted in.

Still, electrical work is dangerous and must be performed whilst meeting the building regulations. This prevents accidents involving electric shocks, as well as reduces the risks of electrical fires.

If you plan on getting a wired light installed in your loft, hiring a qualified expert to get the electrical work done is crucial. No, this doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune in order to get the light fitted in. Hiring the experts ensures that the job is done right and fast and the best ones around will charge a reasonable price.

Professional electricians shouldn’t have a hard time getting the job done. The loft should already have electrics fitted in, after all. The job isn’t a pleasant one, especially since he will likely have to rely on a torchlight to find his way through the dark. The whole project should be fairly straightforward and you shouldn’t encounter any hiccups along the way. Provided, of course, that the electrician you hire is qualified, trained, and highly experienced.

It’s common for most electricians to do the work by getting the electric feed into your bedroom lights split. A junction box gets added and the speed is then used for the loft lights to get supplied. A switch then gets fitted close to the loft opening to ensure convenience. This leaves you with a loft light that’s also fused on the circuit for your upper lighting. If your loft has already been boarded, it might be trickier to get to the feeds. This will be an added cost so make sure to set a budget for that.

Loft Light Installation Costs

Getting a single light installed to your loft can cost about £10 to £20. If you want a good quality switch, make sure to add around £10 to £15. Wiring length varies depending on the property involved. If there are other factors in your property that could result in the need for additional equipment and material, then expect that the costs are going to increase as well. 

This would usually take 2 to 3 hours for a tradesperson to get done. Depending on your property, there may be additional difficulties and issues that need to be addressed as well, which could, in turn, affect the length of time it would take to get the job done. Generally, the costs will generally depend on the costs involved. 

Cost Breakdown

For a typical installation of a loft light, the costs could come up to £150. Of that, £45 covers the material costs and £105 covers the tradesman’s fees.