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Kitchen Sink Relocation Costs

Material Costs, Labour Fees and Time Frame Estimates for a Kitchen Sink Relocation

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Considering how crucial the role that kitchen sinks play in your day to day life, it matters that you get its position right. It doesn’t matter what type of sink you want, you want to see to it that it’s installed in the right space to truly maximize its presence— whether by a window, right smack at the centre of your kitchen, or have relocated to a different part of the house. 

You’d want to know exactly what to expect if you decide to move your sink. It may sound like a simple enough job, but there are certain details that you need to pay close attention to if you want to get this right. You’ll find that your options may not be as plenty when it comes to relocating your kitchen sink. You’ll need to take into account certain drainage and considerations into your decision. 

Things to Expect

When repositioning your sink, you also need to ensure that the soil stack and the waste pipes are properly connected for proper drainage. Despite how important these two features are, they tend to get easily overlooked. Due to being relegated to a mere footnote in the task of getting kitchen sinks affixed. This is the reason why most would just have their sinks positioned by the window to accommodate the soil stack and water pipe in the process. 

Just because there are drainage and plumbing factors to consider doesn’t mean that it is impossible to reposition your sink. However, this does make the task a bit tricky. The whole project can be quite technical and there are possible structural risks involved as well. There might be some digging up your kitchen floors that will have to be carried out as well—although this would largely depend on how far from the original spot you want to relocate the sink. Aside from digging through your floors, you might also need new pipes laid under the floor, get a new drainage system configured to get your waste to drain in the right angle, as well as more digging underneath the property from the outside. 

All in all, this makes this a major project that involves not just breaking through your floors but also relocating the plumbing system and getting new pipes installed as well. On top[ of that, you may need to include such tasks as replacing the kitchen flooring, installing units to help hide the plumbing, replastering of the area affected by the kitchen relocation, fitting new worktops, as well as concealing the old plumbing among many others.

Avoiding Potential Catastrophes

Note that there is always the potential of the project causing some major structural damage to your home. So, something as simple as relocating your kitchen sink can turn into something that will have a long-term impact on your property’s structure and drainage problems that could mean getting your flooring dug up again if the job isn’t done right the first time. 

This is why a move that is not only ill-advised but one that isn’t properly planned and executed by only the right professionals can be nothing short of catastrophic. This is also why you are advised to seek the services and advice of the right experts. Look for experienced tradesmen who have successfully executed similar projects countless times before for some sound advice. 

Also note that with the new sink relocated to your preferred spot, there will be a need for you to get the old piping hidden, along with electrical or gas works. If you have fitted in new workspaces, you’ll need to have them covered. If there were walls that got exposed as a result of the project they will need to be painted as well. You also need to cover for additional plumbing costs to get additional parts and extra renovations carried out to ensure that there is appropriate drainage in the newly-installed sink. All these extra tasks will also require additional costs so be sure to take that into consideration when setting your budget. 

Costs for Repositioning a Kitchen Sink

Repositioning your kitchen sink could cost around £400 to £750, dependent on the level of renovation and plumbing work that the job involves. Plumbers will generally charge a daily rate of £100 to £150 for this job. 

Cost Breakdown

If you want to carry out a basic repositioning of your kitchen sink, expect to cover around £500 in costs. Of that, £350 goes to the materials, £100 pays for the tradesmen fee and £50 pays for waste removal.

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