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External Door Painting Costs

External door painting is a simple enough job. However, a decorator needs to set aside drying times in instances where a number of coats are needed. If your door is unpainted and brand new, several paint coats will be necessary. 

This is why even when the total work is really going to be just a day’s worth, the entire job may have to be spread out for an entire week, with the drying times taken into account. This will be included in the overall costs you need to cover.

The job will require the door knocker, letterbox, and various other fittings to be removed. The door will need to be cleaned too and if there are any gaps, they will have to be filled with a wood filter that quickly dries.

Sanding down the timber will follow, along with the application of knot treatment. Once the surface was successfully prepared, the coat primer follows. One to two undercoats will be applied, finished by a top gloss coat. 

Afterwards, the fittings will be put in place again to complete the job. Some painters would rather remove the door and have it painted on sawhorses. Other tradesmen will prefer to have it painted on site.

A back or front door job is easy enough for any experienced painter. It would make sense if you will throw in additional painting jobs, especially whilst the painter waits for the initial coats to dry. For instance, you could have the interior doors, skirting boards, staircases, and ceilings painted as well. This helps reduce the costs involved.

If possible, choose a nice day for getting the painting job done. Since the doors will have to be kept open for a bit, then you’d want to make sure that the weather won’t be too cold. However, painting on a very hot day isn’t recommended either as this can cause the paint to dry way too fast and getting good results in this situation would be a little too difficult.

Windy days aren’t ideal either as this could lead to debris and dust sticking onto the surfaces that are being painted. Choose a day where it’s fine to leave your door ajar for several hours. More importantly, make sure there is, at least, a 48-hour good weather window.

Note that when gloss paint is exposed to damp conditions whilst it is drying can cause blooming. This is when the gloss paint has a matte appearance where it doesn’t completely dry, leaving it looking tacky for a long time. If you’re not confident that this is a task that you can carry out on your own, experienced decorators and painters will be available to assist you.

Whilst getting a professional decorator and painter is going to cost more compared to doing it DIY, it will give you the peace of mind and assurance that the job will be done right the first time.

Whilst getting a door painted is considered a simple enough job, there are things that might go wrong that will only end up costing you more in the long run. For instance, in the case of painted doors, you have to know if the old paint was later or oil. If the old paint was oil or glossy, then latex paint isn’t going to adhere to it. It might look good at first but it will end up flaking off over time.

A bonding primer is needed for an oil-painted door before you can use any latex paint on top of it. Of course, there’s always the option of sanding off the old paint to effectively remove it.

Costs for Painting Exterior Doors

If hiring a decorator or painter to get your exterior door painted, expect the daily rate to be around £150 to £300. This depends on whether you have a new door, if it is glass-paneled, needs some knotting or sanding and the number of primers and coats needed before the topcoat can be applied.

It’s common for decorators to work solo on these projects and they will likely charge about £150 a day. Still, if the job is large enough, they may choose to work in pairs, so account for that too, into the budget you’re setting. It could take up to 6 hours to get the external door painted, but this would depend on how many coats are needed to complete the job.

Often, decorators will choose to use oil paint and this could lead the job to take a few several days since the tradesman first needs to add an undercoat or primer early in the morning. He will have to come back the day after once the coat has dried before another coat can be added. The process is repeated until such time as the final coat can be painted on.

Cost Breakdown

For hiring a decorator or painter to get a back or front door painted without any knotting or sanding required, the costs could come up to £150. Of that, £30 covers the materials and £120 pays for the tradesmen’s fees.