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Exterior Wall Painting Costs

Material Costs, Labour Fees and Time Frame Estimates for Exterior Wall Painting

Exterior paint jobs usually involve brushing, scraping, as well as cleaning the exterior walls. This is then followed by the application of a coating to prevent the growth of moss, along with two coats of masonry paint that is of good quality.

If you are considering the possibility of getting an exterior made of bricks painted for the first time, it is necessary to look into the long-term implications. Once you get the exteriors painted, there will be a need for you to redo the process at least once in every ten years for aesthetics purposes. Bricks, meanwhile, can last for centuries with only just a little weathering.

If painting is not really a necessity, you’d be better off just leaving things as is. If the brickwork has been pebble-dashed, rendered, or painted before, then you’ll need to get them repainted once every ten years.

Otherwise, the structure would look shabby and grimy. Do consider that painting your brick wall for the first time means you’re stuck with the finish permanently, there’s no going back once you’ve done it so see to it that this is exactly what you want.

An alternative you might want to consider is getting the wall coated with waterproof coating. This is helpful in getting the surface of the wall stabilised. It’s also effective at restoring the brick whilst ensuring that they stay in their original appearance.

There are conflicting opinions concerning painted exterior bricks. It’s one of those things that you either love or hate. You do want to see to it that the future selling prospects of your property are taken into consideration when making your decision.

If you’re getting your exterior walls painted to enhance its aesthetics, make sure to pay attention to the exterior timber including doors, windows, soffit, fascia, as well as barge boards. Check the render in the exteriors as well. If they are looking patchy or are starting to crumble, make sure to get it repaired first or if that’s no longer possible, get it replaced altogether.

If you have exteriors made of plain bricks, see if there is a need to get it repointed first before proceeding.

Most of the work involved with painting the exteriors have something to do with preparing the surface. If there is loose paint on the surfaces, it needs to be brushed and scraped off. Do the same thing with cobwebs and dust as well. Wash the walls next and use an algae killer on its surfaces. If there are minor cement repairs needed for the pointing and rendering, make sure to get it done as well. Use a stabilizer on the bare surfaces.

Once this is done, you can go ahead and start applying the paint coats, about 2 to 3 coats. It is always best to get the task done in the summer, autumn or spring when the weather is warm and dry. Doing the painting on wintertime is only going to take too long as the paints would require a longer time to completely dry.

Expect the costs to be higher with walls that are pebble-dashed as they need more paint and the process will generally take longer as well. It is always easier to paint smooth surfaces since a roller can be used to get the job done. Meanwhile, a brush needs to be used to dab into the pebble-dashed walls so the paint gets applied evenly. Rollers aren’t going to be as effective so the work will take longer to get done.

Where you’re located can have an impact on the costs of the project as well. Cost of living can vary significantly depending on where you are in the country. For instance, expect that quotes for a painting project will be costlier in London compared to what you would get if you need to get the same thing done over in Leeds.

Costs for Painting the Exterior Walls  

How much it would cost to hire the services of a tradesman to get your exterior walls painted will be banked on how big your house is and what specific type of finish you would prefer for the walls. Pebble-dash walls will take longer and would likely take two times the paint you’d need if you are to paint a smooth exterior wall.

Decorators and painters are likely to subject you to a £150 daily rate. For a semi-detached property with three bedrooms, the job could take up to five days to finish.

Cost Breakdown

For hiring the services of a tradesman to get your outer walls repainted, expect the costs to be around £750. This is for a property that is semi-detached with 3 bedrooms. Of that, £150 will be used for the materials and £600 covers the fees for the tradesmen.