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Appliance Pat Testing Costs

To ensure the safety of appliances and electrical, PAT or portable appliance testing is necessary. The process is generally a visual check for the electrical safety of an equipment or appliance. However, testing may also be carried out. Basic safety checks while referring to a checklist are quite useful. However, a formal testing and visual inspection that a competent professional carries out and at specific intervals is a more reliable method.

Every electrical appliance has a tendency to cause electric shock. They can possibly be fire hazards as well. In the UK alone, more than 500 people get injured every year as a result of problems with electrical installation. Electrical testing of appliances ensures that faults are successfully identified beforehand and removed before they can cause considerable damage.

Often called portable testing for appliances, PAT is different from installation testing, which is aimed at evaluating fixed electrics that require a certificate on Electrical Safety. PAT is focused on the portable electrical equipment’s safety. Portable or movable appliances are defined as appliance units that can be moved about and are connected to the electrical supply using a power cable.

It’s up to homeowners whether they’d want to get a PAT carried out. However, for commercial structures, the law requires that every electrical appliance in workplaces must comply with such regulations. The type of testing to be carried out as well as the frequency will depend on the work environment as well as the type of appliance involved. At the moment, there is no defined schedule by the law on when the testing should be carried out.

If you own properties that you’re renting out, make sure to have your appliances tested before you change tenants. Do the same the first time you are letting the property out as well. If you’re renting a place, it’s important to be aware that part of the responsibility of your landlord is to get electrical testing for all the appliances in your unit.

In the UK, it is the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting serves as the authorized regulatory body for matters concerning electrical safety. Currently, there are more than 10,500 contractors. Getting a professional to perform a PAT is considerably quicker and more reliable than having to do the process yourself. More importantly, in the event that something does go wrong, you can file a formal complaint.

Contractors that have been approved by the body can offer guarantees plus proof that electrical testing has indeed complied with the current regulations on safety and health. Costs for getting portable appliances tested by a qualified professional will usually come up to £1 or £2 for every tested appliance.

There are firms that will even offer less than £1 for every item. However, these types of companies will require you to have a minimum number of appliances to be tested in order to qualify for their rate— in most cases, at least 100 appliances. 

Appliance PAT testing Costs

The pricing for appliance testing involves work that’s beyond just the usual PAT procedure. Many professional companies will throw in a few added benefits. For instance, their prices may already include visual inspections, fuse replacements, and even plug rewiring. Fail and Pass labels are also part of the ricing.

Most PAT firms are also going to provide a testing certificate, including the rest of the test results, along with a complete list of your movable appliances with their respective serial numbers so tracking will be easier moving forward.

The whole testing process entails a thorough inspection of the appliances or equipment in question whilst following the testing requirements set by the IEE guidelines. The result will either be Fail or Pass.

The items will then be labeled accordingly. For the additional services, fuse replacement will generally be charged at 25p for every item. Rewiring any existing plug could cost about £1.50 and fitting replacement plugs can cost around £4.50.

Cost Breakdown

To get your appliances PAT tested, expect the total cost to be about £2 for every item. Of that, 10p covers the materials, and the remaining £1.90 covers the tradesman’s fees.