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Manual Moss Removal Costs

Material Costs, Labour Fees and Time Frame Estimates for Manual Moss Removal

If your roof tiles are covered with moss and you want to get the surface jet washed, manual moss removal may be the better alternative. Pressure washers may be more efficient and get the job done at a much faster rate. However, they are also known to cause damage to the roof tiles. There’s even the risk of them causing flooding on your loft space.

In most instances, you can manually scrape off any excess moss off and then use certain chemicals on the tiles to ensure that future growth is prevented. Choosing manual moss removal means there isn’t any need for tons of water to get your roofing tile surfaces cleaned up.

Also, if you find that there may be damages to your roof tiles, the best solution is to get them replaced whilst the ladder or scaffolding is still in place so the costs will be generally cheaper.   

If you plan on clearing off the moss and lichen from your roof and all of the equipment required for the job is already set up, it’s quite practical to get some roof maintenance done all the same. If there are roof-related jobs you want to get done, this is the best time to do.

For instance, this would be the right time to get the soffit and fascia boards repaired or replaced. You can also do the same with the lead flashing and guttering.

There is no need to secure approvals from your local authority to get your roof tiles manually cleaned of moss. So, if you decide to do this as a DIU undertaking, you certainly can. Just see to it that all the safety equipment and tools are present to avoid injuries.

If you do decide to pursue this as a DIY undertaking, you’ll need to hire scaffolding and safety roof ladders. So, you‘ll find that when it comes to savings, there will be little to none compared to how much you’d spend if you’ll hire professionals.

This is the reason that even though this is one job you may be able to pull off as a DIY, it is still better to get the professionals to take care of things for you. This is especially true considering you need to work at height. After all, there’s no substitute for the experience, common sense, and good judgment of the experts who have been doing these projects for a long time.

As with any jobs where the roof tiles will get disturbed, some of them might get damaged or broken despite being cautious. It is best to have some spare tiles at hand before starting the project so if repairs need to be done, they can be carried out right away.

Note too, that according to new building regulations, all tiles have to be fixed mechanically or nailed to the roof. Costs for replacement tiles should be relatively cheap and should depend on their specifications.

Costs for manually Removing Roof Moss

Assuming that your roof is easy to access and you will not need a replacement for your tiles, a typical semi-detached house with 3 bedrooms can be manually cleaned for £300 to £500. This is relatively cheaper to the costs involved with pressure washing with costs coming up to £750.

Getting moss manually removed from a large property with a garage attached and a porch or conservatory could cost up to £700 to £1000.

It’s usual for roof cleaners to charge a daily rate of £200 and the job could take up to 8 hours, depending on how bad the moss build-up is. The cost also involves chemical treatment to prevent future growth.

Cost Breakdown

Hiring the services of a tradesman to manually remove moss off of your gable roof can cost up to £400. This is for a semi-detached property with two storeys. Of that, £100 will cover the material costs, £200 pays for the tradesman’s fees, and the remaining £100 covers the cost for the access tower.