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Bargeboard Replacement Costs

Bargeboards are part of the roofline located along the gable. They can be made of uPVC plastic or timber. They are useful in hiding the roof rafters to make sure that they are protected against the elements. They’re also useful at preventing rainwater from accumulating on your roof and causing the rafters to rot. Bargeboards made of timber are going to rot eventually. This is true even when they get painted. So, bargeboard replacement is needed at some point.

Usually, the job will require the erection of a scaffold to reach the appropriate height. The tiles along the roof’s edges will be removed and the bargeboard will follow. A crowbar is usually used to perform the job. Provided that the rot still hasn’t spread to you roof rafters, a new timber or uPVC bargeboard can be fitted in, then the roof tiles can be replaced.

If you’re getting a new bargeboard fitted in, the painting must be carried out regularly to help extend the lifespan. However, if you go for a uPVC bargeboard, they’re generally maintenance-free.

Whenever any of your roofline products require replacement, consider getting all the other timber roofline fixtures checked for possible replacement as well. This includes the soffit and fascia boards. Check the guttering and have the roof tiles inspected to see if there are damaged shingles that need repair or replacement.

Check the rafters before getting the bargeboard replaced. If there is rot, make sure to have it removed and treated first and it has to be your priority. Another work to consider is the gable end. It may require repointing whilst the scaffolds are still present.

It is also possible to get isolated parts of a bargeboard replaced. However, there will come a time when repairing is just not going to cut it and a complete bargeboard replacement will need to be carried out. This can be done as a DIY if you choose to as the whole thing isn’t really that complicated.

However, considering how time-consuming the whole process is, it may be better for you to just sign up for the services of the experts.

Having the bargeboard replaced involved getting a scaffold erected that will meet the requirements set by the local council. The next step is to get the verge tiles removed along with the cement and sand pointing. Once this is done, you can start getting the bargeboard taken off using a crowbar to pry it off the rafter.

After the bargeboard has been removed, the new one will be fitted in. make sure that all of the four edges are properly undercoated and sealed. The bedding and the roof tiles will then be refitted next. Once this is done, you can proceed with disassembling the scaffolding and clean up all the waste. The job is quite simple. However, it is very time-consuming.

There is also the added risk of working at heights, especially for people that have a fear of heights and vertigo. Unless you have considerable experience working in height, it is best to leave the task to the professionals. For older properties, there is a possibility that there may be asbestos in the building. This material is a health risk and needs to be handled with care.

In this case, it must be handled by professionals. After you have successfully factored in the costs for setting up scaffolding and the length of time needed to get the job completed, you’re not really saving that much by doing the job yourself compared to what you’d spend if you’ll hire the experts. So, the latter choice might be a more practical approach.

Costs for Replacing the Bargeboards

It would cost about £500 to £700 to hire the experts to get your bargeboards replaced. The final numbers will depend on whether you want to replace the soffit boards as well. This also depends on whether there is a need to treat or repair any timber or if there are tiles that will require removal replacement and re-cementing.

Expect roofers to charge about £150 daily and the job will usually require 2 tradesmen to complete. Generally, the job will take up to 8 hours including the time it would take to get scaffolding set up.

Cost Breakdown

For hiring the services of the professionals in getting your bargeboard replaced, expect the costs to be around £500. This is for a semi-detached, two-storey property with only a single bargeboard involved. About £100 will cover the material costs, £300 pays for the tradesmen and £200 will cover the costs for scaffolding.