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Replace Bath Sink And Taps Cost

Material Costs, Labour Fees and Time Frame Estimates for Sink, Bath and Taps Replacement

If you’re considering replacing your bathroom furniture, you’d want to know first how much the whole project will cost. Whether you’re replacing the toilets, sinks, taps, and baths, it helps to get a break down of the costs involved so you can at least be better prepared financial-wise.

Straightforward Job

Replacing bathroom fixtures will usually be straightforward and it’s unlikely that you’ll need to work on the plumbing as well. The project shouldn’t be that expensive.

The overall process should be simple enough and whilst you will likely need to turn your water source off whilst the whole job is getting done, you won’t likely have to wait for a long time.

If you have one of those isolation valves fitted in the specific bathroom where the word is getting done, there will be no downtime as far as water supply goes.

Prices already cover not only the supply of the items being used as well as their fit although the figures can drastically change depending on the specific replacement items that are chosen.

To help serve as a rough price reference mid-range replacements that are retailed in DIY outlets are used. When homeowners choose to replace the items in their bathroom suite, it is seldom due to failure. In most cases, it is because of aesthetic considerations.

If you feel that replacing these fixtures will lead to a more visually appealing bathroom, you might want to consider decorating and tiling the space for maximum effect.

Isolation Valves and Their Benefits

If you want to touch into some plumbing aspects when carrying out the project, consider the addition of service or isolation valves to your bathroom.

When fitted into an appliance, it makes it possible to service, fix, repair, or replace that particular appliance without the water supply for your home getting affected in the process.

With isolation valves, repairs can be done without the need for water supply isolation. Any appliance connected to your water supply— like the sinks, toilets, and showers— can benefit from the addition of an isolation valve.

When there is an isolation valve installed, it is possible for plumbers to work on any bathroom project without having to prevent water from running through your pipes.

This is great if you don’t want to get inconvenienced having to wait without water running until the job is completed. You’ll have two basic designs to choose from when buying an isolation valve.

The cheaper of the two makes use of a slotted crew to control the water supply. The more expensive choice happens to come with handles which makes for a more convenient application.

Unfortunately, not every household out there has isolation valves installed. This is especially true for older systems. If your system does not have isolation valves, consider installing them the next time you get some plumbing work done.

This way, future works done on your bathroom and plumbing system will be easier and more convenient to carry out.


Materials £300


Tradesmen £150


Waste Removal £10

Pricing Variations

Different plumbers will have differing rates with those in London charging a considerably higher rate than say, those offering their services in the north and in Scotland. This is mainly due to the higher cost of living in the capital.

Another factor that can affect the costs is the VAT. It may be necessary for certain businesses to charge VAT.

However, companies that have not met the VAT trading threshold aren’t legally required to do so. If your service provider of choice is required by law to charge VAT, the charge is at 20%, which can have a considerable impact on what the final project cost is.

There are certain tradesmen that choose to work below the threshold for VAT so they will not be obliged to charge it to their customers. This means that they will only charge for the labour they perform and just have the customer buy the materials necessary.

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Common Problems to Consider

Perhaps one of the most common issues with bathroom appliance replacements has something to do ,with finding a virtually identical replacement.

This is because replacing a fixture based on size alone will likely leave some gaps on both the floor and wall tiling. These gaps are certainly not very flattering to look at.

Whilst you can always just find identical to fix the gaps, if it has been a long time since they were installed, finding similar materials may not be possible.

Cases like these may require the entire floor and wall to be retiled. That needs to be factored into the overall cost too. Most of the time, floor and wall tiling will never go under or behind the bath. Often, the bath installation is done first and the wall tiling and sealing next.

This is why when removing a bath, tiling work is to be expected. Remember that when getting a quotation for a bathroom replacement project, this is not included in the numbers provided. So, it helps to set aside extra cash for this purpose.

Cost for Bath Sink and Taps Replacement

On average, it will cost roughly around £400 to get a bath supplied and fitted with basic taps. Half of this cost will cover the materials, 40% covers the tradesmen fees, and the remaining 10% covers the waste removal cost.

Note that this can be affected by the quality of the bath and the materials, but doesn’t include any tile work that may be required when fitting the replacement fixtures.