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Eaves Felt Replacement Costs

Material Costs, Labour Fees and Time Frame Estimates for Eaves Felt Replacement

Eaves Felt Tray - Costs Installation

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Eaves felt can be seen installed along the roof’s lowest part. The eaves felt is positioned overhanging into the guttering to help prevent water from getting into the loft. This roofing felt is attached into the roof and overlaps into the gutter. In the past, traditional felt was used for this purpose. However, recent years have seen the increase in the use of eaves felt along with the replacement of uPVC roofline instead of the usual soft ad fascia boards that are made from timber. Most modern eaves trays use plastic as the main material which means that it is not going to rot— making it a sound replacement for the damaged and worn out eaves felt that are bitumen-based.  

The main purpose of installing eaves tray or eaves felt is for water to not get into your guttering as this can rot the fascia and even damage the roof. Access equipment is required to get the job done. The old fixture gets cut away from the fascia so a new eaves tray can then be installed under your existing roof felt. The installer also has to ensure that it is positioned in a manner that overlaps into your guttering. Nails are then used to help secure the new eaves felt into your rafters. 

Replacing the eaves felt isn’t usually just a standalone job as the only time you’re likely to notice problems in this part of your roof is when you’re getting other roofing jobs done like replacing your roof tiles or your fascia boards. Without these eaves felt, water can be absorbed and accumulated at the fascia board’s top edge. You’ll also need to get the guttering removed and have it refitted and this would be the best time to get that done. 

If there’s a need for your eaves felt to get replaced, your fascia boards will likely need some attention too. Use this chance to get your soffit, fascia and barge board checked and replaced if needed. The fascia board’s top edges can easily absorb water without eaves felt installed.

Eaves Felt Tray - Replace Installation

It’s common to get the eaves felt replaced when getting your roofline products replaced. Since the task isn’t overly technical and you won’t really need specialised tools to accomplish the task, it is possible to get the job done DIY. Do note that there are risks when doing these types of jobs, you will be working at height. So, unless working several feet above ground is something you’re comfortable with, you’re better off calling the professionals for replacing your eaves felt. 

Costs on getting your eaves felt successfully removed and replaced would depend considerably on where your property is located. If you live in London or the southeastern part of the country where the cost of living is generally high, expect the labour costs to be significantly higher as well. Material costs for these kinds of projects are relatively little so most of the figures you need to cover will have something to do with the labour involved. 

Eaves Felt – Replacing Roof Felt Costs

The average price involved in getting your eaves felt replaced could amount to £300 to £500— although this varies depending on how accessible your roof is as well as its dimensions. It’s common for roofline tradesmen to charge about £150 to £200. Note that it could take more than a day for the eaves felt to get replaced. 

Eaves Felt – Price Breakdown for Replacing Roof Felt

When hiring a roof specialist to get your eaves felt replaced on a 2-storey semi-detached property, the total costs could come up to £400. Of that, £60 covers the material costs, £200 pays for the tradesmen and £140 pays for the scaffolding or access tower. 

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