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Kitchen Cupboard Doors Replacement Costs

Material Costs, Labour Fees and Time Frame Estimates for Replacing Cupboard Doors

Getting your kitchen cupboard doors replaced is ideal if you wish to carry out some kitchen updates. What’s even better is that you can get the project done at merely a fraction of the actual cost. In most cases, kitchens are fitted with cupboard carcasses that are standard-sized. This means that getting new drawer fronts, doors and even kickboards will be easy. This makes carrying out a stylish makeover easy on the pockets as well. 

There will be a huge discrepancy on the labour costs that tradesmen will charge for this job. The rates would depend on whether they belong to large national companies or if they are just small-time local traders. This is why people are advised to look and shop around first pushing through with the project. 

Some companies will even try to convince you to buy a new kitchen instead of just getting your cupboard drawer fronts and doors replaced. After all, they’d benefit from considerable profit margins if they did make the sale of the former. Always stick to what you want if your budget is only really for a cupboard door replacement, stand your ground and never get forced to buy something that you obviously do not want and need. 

Check out the reviews and references of local joiners before contacting them and asking them for estimates. Take the time to look at what DIY stores are willing to offer as far as materials go, to get a better grasp of how much the ballpark figures are going to be. 

Do not expect the quotes you will receive to include expenses if you are to get your kitchen flooring or worktops replaced. However, if you feel that these are parts of your kitchen that need some professional attention to, it makes sense to get them done in line with the cupboard door replacements. Still, even just sticking to your original plan of fitting new cupboard draw fronts and doors will already make a huge difference on how your kitchen will look like especially if you tap the professionals to do the job. 

DIY Prospects

You may be able to pull off this job DIY. However, it may be a challenger to get the new doors installed right. Some people usually have a problem ensuring that they hang and fit properly. For a DIY task to deliver better results, one needs considerable experience in joinery, some very accurate measuring skills, as well as a ton of patience. 

For the last few years, getting the kitchen cupboard doors are considered a huge part of getting a kitchen remodeled. Many people go through a kitchen update project by getting new kitchen doors fitted to their existing kitchen cabinets. This makes it a practical and cost-effective alternative to fully replacing the entire kitchen. Besides, nobody is really going to notice that your cupboards aren’t changed, just the doors. Also replacing the drawer fronts and doors of your cupboards will be significantly easier and faster compared to overhauling your kitchen cabinets. If the kitchen cabinets in your home are still in good shape and the way your kitchen is laid out is already good enough for you, then a cabinet resurface will be more than enough to achieve your goals. 

DIY Tips

Most people who have considerable experience doing things DIY should be able to pull this project off, but they do need to make sure not to rush things. If you’re not confident that you’ll do this right, it is best to get in touch with an expert joiner or kitchen fitter to do the job. It could take up to two days for them to complete the project.

Variety of Options Available

There is a wide variety of available kitchen doors that you can choose from and these options are still growing. Whether you want a kitchen that is traditional, farmhouse, or contemporary, finding the right cabinet doors should be easy enough. It’s common for companies to supply kitchen door replacements that are still blank and have no drillings which make it easier to place hinges and handles exactly where you need them. The reason for this is because different manufacturers will choose to position hinges at varying heights. This is why it isn’t advised to buy replacement doors that already have holes in them as this limits the way you can fit them as a result. 

Potential Savings

Replacing and refitting an entire kitchen when just getting the cabinet draw fronts and doors are more than enough. It doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of money on a makeover when you can just go for a more cost-effective option. You’ll save thousands if you just go the cabinet door replacement route compared to replacing an entire kitchen. Also, there will be less mess and not to mention, less stress when you just go for a kitchen facelift. 

There would also be no need for you to get your cupboards emptied out. With professionals on board, the whole job should take no more than 2 days to complete. You can expect to save more than half of the costs you’ll normally have to spend for a total kitchen replacement if you will just choose to replace the kitchen cupboard doors. 

Kitchen Cupboard Doors Replacement Costs

On average, it would cost about £275 to hire a local fitter to get your kitchen cupboard doors replaced. This already covers the removal of old cupboard doors as well as installing the new ones including the drawers, cupboard doors, kickboards and handles. However, material cost is not included here. It is advised that you refer to a local fitter to find out whether the cupboard carcasses in your kitchen can still be suitable to be fitted with new doors. 

The actual cupboard price can vary considerably depending on their quality, size, style and finish. Generally, kitchen drawers are priced at £20 each. Cardboard doors are often tagged at £30. Costs for door handles can easily add up with each being charged at £2. 

Cost Breakdown

The individual costs covering the materials and labour involved in fitting cupboard doors, handles, kickboards, and drawer fronts for a kitchen of regular size is at £800. Of that, £400 covers for the materials, £360 covers for the tradesmen fees, and £40 covers for waste removal.