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Kitchen Sink Replacement Costs

Material Costs, Labour Fees and Time Frame Estimates for Kitchen Sink Replacement

Getting your kitchen sink replaced shouldn’t be that hard to do, provided that it is performed by a competent plumber or kitchen fitter. It’s easy to get the sink disconnected and then removed from the pipework. Getting a new sink installed, however, maybe more of a challenge. The job entails cutting your current worktop to fit your new unit in. 

If you can, always choose to buy a kitchen replacement sink that’s sized the same or even slightly bigger than the current one you have. This is necessary since it would be challenging to fit on a slightly smaller unit as filling in bigger holes would require more work and time. There may be a need for your existing pipes to be extended to get the new sink fitted in. This is why it is best to get a plumber to do the work to avoid unnecessary complications. If you plan on getting your sink moved to a different part of your kitchen, you’ll need to install new worktops. New pipework will also be needed, to accommodate both cold and hot water and your waste. 

When selecting a new sink, make sure to consider not only the overall costs but also the aesthetics and functionality of your choice. There may be compromises that must be made a, but what matters is that you find one that is not only top quality but is also reasonably priced. Stainless steels are known to be all that. However, they do have a downside of being easy to scratch. They can also show watermarks over time. If aesthetics are what matters most to you and price isn’t an issue, you’ll never go wrong with cast iron ones. They do require regular maintenance. Quartz and composite granite sinks are fast gaining popularity these days. But the costs can be quite hefty. 

The dimensions of your sink should be decided based on how you intend to use it. You have the option to go for a single bowl, a bowl and a half, and double bowls. For materials, your budget will be a huge determinant on what you should choose. How you’d like your kitchen to look like should be factored in as well. Among the most common choices for materials include granite, fire clay ceramic, igneous, and stainless steel. Each of these materials has their own upsides and downsides so it’s up to you to weigh in the positives and negatives to decide which option would be best.  

If you intend to get a new sink installed, you’d naturally want some lovely taps or even a new worktop. Getting the worktop in your kitchen replaced isn’t just all about enhancing its look. In some cases, there isn’t any other choice but to go for a new one, especially in cases where the new sink you want is a different shape or size than the current one. 

Also, consider installing an isolating valve to your sink when getting it replaced. This lets you effectively replace washers and other fixtures without the need to get the main supply of water turned off. Most kitchen sink units are usually ready for insetting hobs or sinks. This lets you get the plumbing done in a rather open space before getting the worktop fitted. 

If fitting a worktop, make sure to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer to a tee. This is especially true when cutting the worktops. Steps could vary based on the material you chose. Formica or wood worktops can be easily cut to appropriate shapes or sizes using a jigsaw. However, composite worktops will require holes to mould the sink onto the worktop. These materials will already come with holes which is why your measurements must be accurate so everything is going to fit. 

It is easier to order stainless steel, granite, marble and stone worktops in terms of the holes that are needed to get the sink in place. You may choose to get the materials cut yourself if you’re getting a new sink. This can be a bit difficult to do though, and may not be something that you’d want to attempt to DIY. 

If you’re trying to get the job done DIY, several potential pitfalls are likely. For instance, you could make a mistake in the measurements that could end up with the holes being too big or too small for your sink. If this happens, you might have to just purchase a completely new worktop which will only lead to even higher costs.

Kitchen Replacement Costs

On average, the cost of getting a kitchen sink replaced could come up to £400. Price is dependent on the sink type as well as the type of pipework that has to be done. The material price could come up to £200, which is typical for stainless steel, mid-range kitchen sink, replete with taps and various other materials needed to get the fitting carried out. 

It’s common for labourers to charge around £100 to £150 per day for the job that could take around four hours to finish. The more complicated the installation process goes, the longer it would take to finish the job. 

Cost Breakdown

For supplying and fitting a new kitchen sink made of stainless steel material, the total costs could come up to £400. Of that, £240 covers the materials and £160 will pay for the services of the tradesmen.