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Roof Window Replacement Costs

 A lot of people seem to think that Velux is what you call a roof window. It is actually the name of a company who happens to produce a popular roof window type.

Today, there are a number of manufacturers that produce different kinds of roof windows, roof domes, sun tunnels, casement windows, as well as other generic types of roof windows. These products can be utilized as a replacement for existing and worn out roof windows as well as new installations.

If you’re looking for a roof window that allows you to choose whether it can be opened or not, the light dome-types would be a good choice. It is available in both non-opening and opening types. However, the opening versions are quite different from that of the Velux type. Roof domes tend to be generally cheaper but they will not open fully. The opening Velux types are generally used on tiled ropes that slope.

The opening casement type variety is available in various opening types. There are those that are top hung or have their frames hinged along the top. There are some that get hinged along the half of the frame. What is discussed here are Velux type roof windows that are the opening type, instead of the cheaper skylight variety that does not open.

When installing a window on the roof, some of the timbers will have to be cut. This will require putting in place some extra supports. However, this isn’t the case when doing a window replacement that is the like for like type. What’s good with modern roof windows that are Velux types is that they offer not only fresh air and more daylight but they can offer a means for escape in the event of an emergency as well. 

Related Jobs to Consider Doing

In a roof window replacement, there may be a few related tasks that you want to get done at the same time. This includes getting the roof tiles maintained or cleaned, getting loft vents fitted, as well as adding loft stairs in the event that they still aren’t fitted yet.

If your loft hasn’t been boarded yet, this would be an ideal time to get it done as this makes fitting the new fixture in so much easier to do, it will allow you to better maximize the use of the space 

Replacing roof windows that are of the same size and type should be a straightforward process. It can be even done as a DIY project. You won’t have to carry out major alterations.

There won’t be any need to get the rafters cut too if you already have the opening in place. Projects like these no longer require building approval or planning permissions as well.

However, if you intend to fit a bigger window, you will need to get some of the tiles and felt removed from the roof. You’ll also need to cut into your rafters as well as add support where necessary. A project like this is generally bigger and isn’t something that can just be easily DIY-ed.

Potential Pitfalls

There are several pitfalls that you’ll likely encounter if you are to do the job yourself. Even when you are only replacing the roof window with something of the same size or type, you’ll need to take the flashings, tiles, waterproof membrane or roof felt off and that means climbing up the roof.

If the new roof is the exact same fit as the old one, then the whole task will just be a simple, straightforward job.

However, if the job entails cutting into your roof timbers, this can lead to the roof structure becoming potentially weakened. To do this, you’ll have to let the local planning department know. A planning profesional will then come down to offer the necessary advice on how to maintain your roof’s structural integrity.

Costs for Roof Window Replacement

The average costs involved in hiring a professional to get your roof window replaced will be about £500 to £800. Note that this doesn’t include scaffolding costs and the figures assume that everything else is going to be carried out according to plan with no hiccups along the way.

It’s common for window specialists to charge about £150 daily. They do usually work in twos to ensure safety, speed and efficiency. Most roof replacement projects will take a day at the most.

Cost Breakdown

For hiring a tradesman to carry out your large Velux roof window installation, the total costs could amount to £800. Of that, £520 covers the materials, £240 pays for the tradesmen and the remaining £40 pays for the waste removal costs.