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Bathroom Grouting Replacement Costs

Material Costs, Labour Fees and Time Frame Estimates for Bathroom Grouting Replacement

People clan, remove or replace their bathroom grouting for a variety of reasons. Often, when the colour of the grout fades, it can look dirty and unappealing hence, changing it is necessary. Over time, grout can crumble and crack too. They might even start missing out of their joints too, either due to wear and tear or when the grouting wasn’t properly done during installation. When your grout looks mouldy and black, you can use bleach to get cleaned of the mould. 

Removing the bathroom grouting and then replacing it can help transform your bathroom’s tiling. It can transform it to look like new again. Unfortunately, it’s not going to last long unless you take the time to get the root cause addressed. If you have mould that has discoloured into brown, it could mean that water has seeped behind the tiles, soaking the joints in the process. Regrouting will be of no use for these situations until such time as you have successfully determined where the leak is coming from. 

A drill may be necessary to get the old grout drilled out. It allows you to remove as much of the grout, going over the surface but making sure that the tiles aren’t going to be damaged in the process. Once the grout has been removed, a Stanley knife or a screwdriver can be used to finish the job. You can get rid of the last traces by using a vacuum cleaner. 

Different Grout Types

A number of different grout can be used for tiles— some ideally used for walls and others for floor tiles. Most of these products are already mixed and ready to use but there are also some that will require you to do the mixing yourself. If you’re getting the grout replaced due to a mould issue, you can go for grout products that offer antifungal and antibacterial protection. It is more ideal to go for ready-made grout as they would be easier for you to use. 

When grouting the tiles, a grout float is needed for mixing in the event that you did not get the read-made grout. You’ll also need a scraper, which is most useful at scraping off excess grout whilst you work. It’s important to clean any excess off while the grout is still wet as it will be harder to clean it up if you wait for it to dry up. After successfully getting the titles grouted, a damp sponge can be used to get all of the excess grout successfully removed.   

Possible Revival

Before starting with the grout removal process, see first if there is a way for you to salvage the grout through cleaning and mould treatment. A number of tile revival systems are on sale these days which should help colour and clean the tiles. When done right, this can help prevent you from having to do the rather labour-intensive re-grouting task. You can even mix a homemade cleaning solution using baking soda and bleach, just mix them into a paste and use a toothbrush to apply it onto the grout. Do remember to wear the necessary protective attire when using bleach, including gloves and goggles. 

Home-made cleaners generally work for grout, but not at all times. If they are cheap to mix and use, they’re certainly worth a try. Care is needed when removing grout since you can crack, chip or damage the tiles. If this happens, there will be more costs for you to cover. Worse, it might be even hard for you to find the right tile to replace it. For damaged tiles, you will not only need to take off the grout but you’ll have to take the tile off too using a chisel. Just use adhesive and apply it onto the new tile’s back and have it positioned whilst taking note of the appropriate grout gaps. Once the tile has successfully dried up, you can take the spacers off and get the joints grouted.

Bathroom Tiles Regrouting Costs

To ensure the accuracy of the pricing information we provide, we got in touch with both national and local companies and have also taken advantage of a variety of quotation tools online. The numbers we provide will help you get a good idea of the rough costs you need to be prepared for before getting your bathroom tiles regrouted. It wouldn’t hurt to refer to bathroom specialists and other tradespeople where you are for more updated quotes. 

For grouting materials, costs could vary depending on the quality and price of the grout you are using. Your bathroom’s size will play a crucial role as well. A bag of 12.5 kg can typically cost around £15-£20. Most bathroom specialists will charge £150 a day. Most of the costs you need to cover when getting a bathroom re-grouted will be on the labour involved., it might take up to 2 days for the task to complete. 

Cost Breakdown

Removing and regrouting a bathroom can cost around £250. Of that, £25 will cover the material costs and £225 will pay for the tradesman’s labour fees.