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Chimney Repointing – Cost to Repointing Your Chimney

Material Costs, Labour Fees and Repair Time Frame Estimates for Chimney Repointing

Chimney Repointing – Repointing Your Chimney Stack

When your mortar bricks in your home are crack and chipped, water can get into the cracks, expands, freezes, and can cause further damage to your bricks. Over time, it can cause damages to your walls and house. The easiest and cheapest way to resolve this is to repoint your mortar bricks.

The finished bit of cement between the bricks on a chimney or a wall is called the pointing. The costs involved in getting a chimney repointed will generally be dependent on the size, height and access of your chimney stack and wall. When pointing is left unmaintained, it will eventually get decayed which could lead to problems in the structure. This is why repointing must be done the soonest before it can escalate into something more serious.

If you’re considering the idea, there’s a good chance you may have leaks somewhere. You’re probably hoping that getting the chimney repointed may be the best solution for the problem. However, it’s important that you first get your flaunching, roofing, and chimney pot inspected first to assess if there is a need for replacement and repair.

You will also need to do the same thing to the lead covering the chimney base as well as the flashing and the tiles surrounding the chimney. Since there is a likelihood that you’ll need scaffolding for the task, it would be practical to consider getting other related jobs done that require the presence of scaffolding as in the case of guttering, soffit or fascia work. 

Challenging Part of Repointing Your Chimney

Perhaps the most challenging part of this job is how to access the chimneys and work up high safely. Hiring the services of a scaffolding company as they can ensure safe access to your chimney stack to make it easier to repoint your chimney. Once up, make sure to take a look at the condition of the flaunching. If it is in poor condition, be sure to have it repaired or replaced.

You’ll also need to rake out the old pointing, being careful that the dust is successfully removed as well. It’s not a good idea to just apply a thin cement layer applied over the existing pointing. This might seem like an economical move but it is nothing but a false economy as it is not going to last. It will likely end up peeling off in just a matter of months.

Possible DIY Repointing Your Chimney

You need the pointing to withstand the rather unpredictable British weather. So, make sure to get the old cement successfully raked out at about a depth of an inch or more. Once done, you can go ahead with repointing into the course. It is possible to do the repointing project DIY, as long as you are comfortable working at high places. Repointing mortar brick chimneys are not easy and can be dangerous if you are not careful.

Also, you need to make sure you have the necessary access to do the job effectively and safely. Repointing projects like these no longer requires any planning permission.

Note that there’s always the possibility of things going south when you’re up there working and repointing your chimney. This is something you’d rather want to avoid as this doesn’t just increase the length of time it would take to get the job done but it will also increase the overall costs too.

So, see to it that whichever company you decide to hire to do the task is not only licensed but insured as well. Note that where you reside can have a bearing on the prices.

Repointing Costs of Your Chimney – Cost to Consider

You’ll probably need to spend about £300 for the repointing of your chimney if it is a low roof and access is easy enough. If the chimney happens to be on the end of the gable of a property that’s semi-detached, expect the costs to add up to £800 as you’ll need to account for the costs of scaffolding.

If you have a large chimney stack located right smack at the centre of your roof, expect the costs to be higher at about £1200. The average price can be affected by the chimney type in your home, where you are located, how much scaffolding is needed, as well as the specific spot on the roof your chimney is located.

Roofers are likely to subject you to a daily rate of £150 for labour. They often work in pairs too. So, for two workers, you may have to spend about £200 to £250. The length of time it would take for the job to complete would depend on the chimney size as well as its location on your roof. Smaller chimneys would take about a day whilst larger one could take up to 3 days.

Price Breakdown – Cost of Repoint 

Hiring a specialist comes to your house to do repairs for your damaged chimney, the total price could add up to £600 if the chimney is along the gable of a property that is semi-detached Of that, £30 covers for the material costs, £300 for the labour fees, and £270 for scaffolding prices.