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Rewiring an Entire House

Rewiring entire house cost depends on different variables.

rewire entire house cost

Rewiring Costs- an Introduction

Complete rewiring is usually required in older properties. Rewiring entire house cost will generally be based on a variety of factors such as the property size, location, if there are occupants in the house, the work needed for the plaster, and even the finish or type of light fittings and switches that are specified. Bigger properties will require more switches, fittings and sockets. It will also likely have a larger fuse box and will have more circuits as well.

Is Rewiring Necessary?

Electrical safety cannot be discounted. Unfortunately, many older homes have been installed with wiring that is usually not up to par with the building regulations that are implemented today. There’s also the fact that old wiring may have worn over time and is now unsafe. Older properties are also notorious for not having as many sockets in every room. As a result, homeowners have to make use of extension leads which have the potential of getting sockets overloaded as a result. All these just points to the need for these houses to get rewired.

Rewiring Factors to Take into Account

Rewiring an unoccupied house is usually easier and quicker. There’s also the fact that occupants might not find it very comfortable to be living in a place that’s still being rewired. It’s expected for the power to be off for some time— usually about a week. The floorboards will also need to be lifted as well. Plasters will be cut into. This is why it’s more ideal to vacate a place while it’s being rewired.

If you want to keep the costs down, make sure to specify the use of white plastic for your switches and sockets. Polished brass may look better but they definitely cost more. Try to consider other jobs that may be done while the rewiring is going on to save on money and time. For instance, electricians can’t really be expected to re-plaster any wall they had cut into. They won’t be able to repair damage to the flooring too. So, there may be a need for you to hire decorators and plasterers in conjunction with a rewiring project.

There are some electricians who would be more than happy to connect with the other specialists needed for the job so they can provide an all-inclusive quotation which will already include flooring and plasterwork. Even so, they won’t likely include the decorating or painting, which means you’re still going to have to find somebody that will take on such a task.

Tips on a Smooth Home Rewiring Process

It’s never an easy experience to get your home rewired. For those instances when you can’t move out, it helps to know about things you can do for a better and smoother experience. For instance, in the event that there’s only limited parking in your home, you can have a space reserved for your electrician by getting your car parked as close to your residence as possible.

In the event that you can’t move out, see if there’s a way for you to stay with friends temporarily and try to get your possessions into storage. Larger items that are too cumbersome to move can just be left inside, but try to have them gathered in the middle of the room if possible. If you really have to stay in the property while rewiring is going on, your electrician can always help get some safe power rigged for you during the evening.

However, you’d have to get used to plenty of dust and loads of floorboards getting lifted up while they are doing the work. It’s best to do the furniture lifting and moving yourself as your electrician is getting paid by the hour. You wouldn’t want him spending time sorting out your furniture when he could have been doing something more productive instead.

Average Costs for Rewiring

How much you’ll spend for a rewiring project will lie heavily on a variety of factors. However, location can play such a major role in the final figures you’ll likely get charged with. If you’re in London or other areas nearby, you’re likely going to have to spend about 45% higher than somebody who resides in the north of the country.

Average costs for a proper rewire for an entire house could range from £2,000-£5,000. This would vary depending on how small or big your property is— and of course, where you reside. Even when a rewiring job can be quite expensive, it’s best never to skimp on costs by tapping the services of somebody inexperienced or unqualified.

It is never advised that you attempt to do the work as well. Rewiring jobs need the necessary certificate in adherence to wiring regulations BS7671. A Part P Building control regulation is also necessary.

To ensure that all necessary regulations have been successfully adhered to, you’ll be expected to show evidence that you are indeed competent to do the job and have done something similar before. A certification is also required to show that you’re indeed competent. With all these requirements, it’s safe to say a proper rewire isn’t something you can DIY.

Costs for Electrical Installation Condition Report

If moving into a new place, it’s advised that you have a proper electrician carry out an EICR. Landlords are expected to do this once every 5 years. An electrician is expected to do the following things.

  • Check the fuse box/ consumer unit
  • Check the light fittings, sockets and switches
  • Fix worn or damaged electrical wiring
  • Check if there’s anything that might cause high temperatures or electric shock and fix it
  • Produce an inspection report

Generally, an EICR can cost about £100 to £300, with the difference being how close your property is to London and how big or small it is.

Costs for Rewiring a House

On average, rewiring a semi-detached 3-bedroom house can cost about £2500 to £3000. This will vary depending on the property size, property location and the costs of the materials. If there are repairs on the walls, then the costs could be higher.

The job has to be completed by a proper electrician. Generally, they will charge £150 for a full day of rewiring tasks. For larger projects, however, an electrician may choose to work with a pair not only to speed up the job but to ensure safety as well. You can expect a £250 per day labour charge. It would take about 3 to 5 days for the rewiring work to be done.

This will be based on whether the wiring is accessible as well as the amount of plastering work that needs to be done. It will usually take longer if you choose to live in the house while the work is going on— especially since they have to make sure that everything is working and safe every time.  

Cost Breakdown

Rewiring a semi-detached three-bedroom house can cost around £2500. Of that, £1000 is expected to cover for the materials, £1375 for the tradesmen and the remaining £125 covers the waste removal costs