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Roof Lantern Installation – Skylight Cost, Pricing & Information

All you need to know about Roof Lantern Installation including costs of materials, labourer and time frames.

All the details behind roof lantern installation— From cost of labour and materials to project time frames roof lanterns used to be all the rage back in the Georgian and Victorian era. However, they are slipping back into the scene again recently thanks to how efficiently they can help brighten up homes and spaces due to the extra natural light they add. In the UK, roof lantern installation will generally incur an average cost of £2500.

Since this is a big job, you can expect completion within three days. Today, roof lanterns are becoming a preference among many architects mainly because of the easy installation process involved. More importantly, these fixtures are less likely to get subjected to planning permission and building regulation problems.

House TypeHouse SizeAvg. CostDuration
750mm x 750mm roof lanternDoesn’t Matter£18002 day
1500mm x 1500mm basic roof lanternDoesn’t Matter£27003 day
1500mm x 3000mm roof lanternDoesn’t Matter£31503 days
3000mm x 3000mm roof lanternDoesn’t Matter£40503.5 day

Roof Lantern Installation Varied Shapes and Styles

The wide range of styles and shapes which they’re available in means it is easy to pick out one that works best for the style and design of your home. They can come in pyramids or domes.

Some would even fit the long-hipped roof style. Since they’re usually made from timber frames or uPVC combined with a heat-efficient glass, they are ideal for people that want to add more value to the overall aesthetics of their home.

Homes will also benefit from the extra amount of natural light that these roof lanterns provide. They don’t just look awesome but they are environment-friendly as well.


Materials £500


Tradesmen £350


Waste Removal £90

Bringing More Light In

If you want an extension to your flat-roof, a roof lantern and patio doors can transform your facade to resemble a conservatory. Where designs that exclusively use glass materials are not just expensive but are tricky to implement due to stringent building codes, roof lanterns are the total opposite.

Aside from the fact that they aren’t subject to tight regulations, they cost less yet will still manage to help stream more daylight into your premises whilst looking fantastic at the same time. On top of that, they are also known for their overall thermal efficiency.

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Easier Installation

Roof lanterns are ideal for those looking for cost-effective alternatives to glass extensions. You won’t also likely encounter a hitch when installing them as they aren’t as stringently regulated as glass-only materials.

They are often well within the development rights you’re entitled to and they conveniently comply with modern building regulations— which means less headache for you.

You can also improve their efficiency by adding solar reflecting glass. Blinds can also achieve the same results. On a side note, it may not be a good project to pursue if you have neighbours overlooking your house as these lanterns might compromise your privacy.


If you’re looking for a home upgrade that ticks all the boxes where financial efficiency goes, roof lanterns are ideal. Since they can be instrumental in bringing more light into your home, you’ll enjoy the benefit of less expensive electricity bills.

It will pay for its installation costs over time. Ventilation shouldn’t be an issue too since these lanterns usually come with opening panes that are designed for this exact purpose.

A Job for the Experts

Whilst some people would love to DIY their home improvement projects, it is best to leave the installation of roof lanterns to the experts. Skills, experience, and the right set of tools are needed for this job and this isn’t something you should try doing on your own.

Whilst it may be possible to do the installation by yourself, it is not encouraged since you‘ll need top-notch DIY skills to pull something like this off.

On top of that, you’ll also have to go through the hassle of liaising with Building Control so you know you’re not violating any building regulation. Start by discussing what the project entails with a professional installer to get some much-needed advice.

The right local specialist can pave the way for transforming your home into the stunning abode that it is meant to be.

Roof Lantern Installation Costs

A medium-sized roof lantern with timber frames measuring 3m x 3m will generally require £4000 for a full installation. If you choose a smaller-framed lantern of uPVC material at 750mm x 750mm, the costs will generally be halved. A ventilator would require an additional £700.

If you want bespoke blinds installed, expect to pay between £1000- £4000. Generally, 45% of the costs involved in the installation covers the materials used whilst the remaining 55% covers the tradesmen’s services.

Since this is considered a big project that requires a considerable bit of time to get completed, trades person fees to cover their labour and time will be relatively high as well. The rate is even higher for larger installations and more complex projects.