Hiring a Skip— Costs and Other Considerations


This article talks about the details involved in hiring the services of a skip. This is part of a guide we have compiled that concerns about determining the costs for carrying out construction work in the UK.

Prices for hiring a skip depend considerably on your location and the size of the skip. Generally, skips can range from mini-skips or 2-yard containers to 20 or 40-yard skips.

Smaller jobs might benefit from hiring HippoBags instead— which is not really a skip but is a robust and really big bag that functions just the same. Whatever the size of the skip, placing it along a footpath or a highway would require you to secure a permit from the local council.

Take Note of Restricted Items

In normal skips that are recycled instead of just getting emptied at a landfill, there may be restrictions on the items including TVs, electrical equipment, plasterboard, fridges, computer monitors, freezers, batteries, tyres, field and oil containers, old cans of paint, as well as other wastes that are hazardous such as solvents and asbestos. It helps to refer to your skip provider for a list of items that are restricted.

Pay Attention to Load Limits

Companies that offer skips for hire usually set a specific limit to the maximum that their skips can carry. This is why if you are using the skips to contain such items as earth, bricks, or other heavy materials, it is best to have this discussed with the provider ahead of time.

It is usually an accepted rule that skips can be filled with heavy materials up to 30%. The rest of the space can be filled with items that are lighter.

Brokers vs Local Skip Operators

You’ll find that most of the players in the skip industry are usually small operators, so there really aren’t any real players on the national level. However, if you need the services of somebody that offers a nationwide service, you might want to consider checking online.

Usually, these are just brokers so they don’t operate skips but are just those that will take what you pay them to have the job subcontracted to a local business where you are. This might cost you more because the price they will charge will not just cover the actual cost for the skip hire but will also involve an additional percentage for them to make a profit.

Time Limits

Some companies will offer a two-week fixed price. If you need extra time, you can always ask for extra days which will just be added to the additional costs.

Although most companies aren’t that strict about time limit, just be aware that they generally charge higher for extra time. Remember to never fill skips beyond the side heights.

It will be hard to have it transported when it is overfilled. If you’re worried about fly-tipping, you can always choose a skip that is enclosed and can be locked. Any fly-tipping incident should be reported to the local council.

Truck Clearance

If you want to have the skip placed along your driveway, make sure that there is at least a 10-foot truck clearance. If this isn’t possible, a HippoBag may be a good alternative, which can accommodate about 1.5 tonnes. Costs for hiring a skip will cover delivery, the rental fee for a week, collection fees, as well as recycling fees.

For instances where it is not possible to have the skip you hired overnight, some companies have the load and wait option. This is where the driver waits until you load the skip up.

This requires you to work fast though as it is very seldom for these companies to wait beyond 30 minutes. You can also arrange for long-term skip hire. Collections will even be offered regularly to suit the job that you are working on.

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Different Skip Sizes

The 2-yard skip is the smallest out of these containers. Also referred to as a mini skip, it’s most useful when you need a container garden and household wastes at small amounts. This skip has a total of 22 black bags in capacity.

You can also choose a Midi skip. With a capacity of 4 cubic yards, it is a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom renovation projects. It is also ideal to hold larger amounts of garden and other general household waste. Some of these skips are fitted with front doors which makes loading them easier.

Another type is the builder skip. With a 6 cubic yard capacity, it is ideal for holding household wastes of medium amount. There are skips of this size that have drop doors for easy loading. This size also has the capacity to hold a total of 70 black bags.

If you’re looking for something that can hold larger loads or one that is ideal for house clearances, an 8- yard skip is something to look into. Most builders lean towards this particular skip type.

When hiring a skip for a site that is located somewhere really steep or with very narrow lanes, there is a good chance that access can be an issue. It is best to inform the skip company of these circumstances ahead of time as they may be able to provide you with alternatives. For instance, a HippoBag service may work for you instead.

If you want your skips to be more secure, you can get the enclosed and lockable ones. This is ideal if you want to enjoy the peace of mind knowing that dust is suppressed inside and lighter materials won’t be at risk of getting blown away. It is also ideal for theft prevention especially when you expect to load valuable scraps inside.

An enclosed skip will also ensure that good for nothing people who might try to dump their waste sneakily into the skip will be prevented from doing so. You should have several choices available for enclosed and lockable skips as they are usually available in sizes of 10, 12, as well as 14 cubic yard.

Costs for Hiring a Skip

Hiring a skip for a week can cost around £200-£250. The price changes depending on how big or small the skip is. The daily rate will generally be lower if you wish to hire the skip for a much longer period.

Where you are located can also factor in how much the rental cost is. If you are living in a major city, expect that the prices will be generally higher by 50% compared to the average. If council permits need to be secured, then you’ll have to account for the additional charge that entails too.

Costs to pay the labourers that will deliver the skip to your location will already be part of the rental price. You can refer to the local council for a comprehensive list of contractors that are licensed to transport waste. This is also a good place to start if you want to find a reliable and licensed local contractor that can rent you a skip for your project.