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Wheelie Bin Store Cost

Wheelie bins are a must for every property. Unfortunately, they aren’t really the most attractive things to look at. If anything, they seem to just bring down the aesthetics of your garden by a few notches.

Fortunately, there is an effective solution to the problem. With a wheelie bin store, you’ll have a place for your bins and you can leave your garden looking all tidy and nice and pretty again.

Ready-made Options

If you don’t want to go through all the trouble of having one built and installed, you can always buy the ready-made ones. Many stores offer these fixtures although the nice-looking ones can be a bit expensive.

Not many people will want to spend that much money over something that is very simple to put together anyway. There are plastic ones if you want to go the cheaper route. Unfortunately, their overall look and aesthetics leave much to be desired. Most of the ones sold in the market today aren’t better than the actual wheelie bins themselves.

Custom-made Choices

Perhaps the choice that would make the most sense is to have one made for your garden instead. Wooden stores are always very appealing and if you’ll have one fitted in with the look and style of your garden being taken into account, you can be sure that its aesthetics will not disappoint.

For better results, you can choose the same wood like the one you used for your fence. If you have garden furniture, you can have the store painted to blend right in.

DIY Opportunities

Wheelie bin stores shouldn’t be that complicated a job to do. If you’re keen on do-it-yourself projects, this is one undertaking you can definitely work on.

As long as you have the right tools and some basic skills, making one that will be perfect for your garden shouldn’t be that hard to do. You’d be surprised at how much of a difference it will make at transforming your exteriors. Just see to it that you use the appropriate materials so you know that it will last you a long time.

When to Call the Professionals

If you’re not confident that you can pull a job like this off, you always have the choice to call on the experts instead. Since this is a pretty straightforward project, it shouldn’t take a tradesman more than a day to complete the construction.

The job will usually involve cutting a bit of your turf out for laying out the paving slabs so the will be in the same level as your lawn. Timbers are often used as framed for the store. A hinged door will need to be installed on one side to ensure that wheeling the bins in and out should be easy enough to do.

Another hinged door will also need to be fitted in on top. This allows you to easily drop stuff into the bins without actually having to remove them from the store.

The project is so simple that all you need are five pieces of wood for it to come together— and some hinges. Most joiners that do made-to-order wheelie bin stores are likely skilled in various areas of timber designs such as making garden benches or sheds.

If you’re in need of garden furniture or other joinery needs, this would be the best time to get them all done in one go to make the most of the presence of these tradesmen in your premises. You’ll likely get a better deal when you have several projects you want them to work on at the same time.

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Metal vs Wood

If you prefer metal wheelie bin stores, there are available ones that you can obtain at competitive pricing. Metal is more durable and if you want a store that will last you longer, this is the better choice.

However, there are people who would prefer wooden stores more because they can be easily customised to fit their needs. For instance, if you want your wooden store to match the other fixtures in your garden or a particular colour scheme, you can have it painted in the same colour.

If you want to buy the ready-made ones, you’ll have a wide array of designs and styles to choose form. You’ll even have more freedom on how you want it to look like if you go for the made-to-order route.

Other Purposes

Wheelie bin stores are great at hiding the rather unsightly appearance of your wheelie bins. But its function goes beyond that. They also provide added protection to your wheelie bins to ensure that animals and pests aren’t going to easily get inside the content of your bins.

If you live in an area where winds can get rather strong, having a store for your wheelie bins ensure that they will not get knocked over. The last thing you want is waking up in the morning only to find that your rubbish is everywhere.

A wheelie bin store can be a straightforward DIY project but you do need to have some carpentry skills  to pull it off. If you’re not confident of your woodworking skills, it is best not to attempt tackling the job.

You’ll only likely to end up making a mess and waste timber and most likely end up hiring a tradesman to finish what you’ve started anyway. A half-hearted attempt into this project will only likely cost you more.

Another point to remember when fitting in a wheelie bin store is to never go the cheap route and not have a concrete or slab base. You need a firm and sturdy base for the store and a grassy surface just doesn’t make the cut.

The store will rot in just a short time— which means you’ll have to spend more to get a new one installed.

Costs for Installing a Wheelie Bin Store

The average price for the materials needed in installing a wheelie bin store can range from £100 to £150. This is for standard wooden single bin store. Cost could easily reach up to £500 or even more if you want something made for three bins.

A joiner will usually charge a daily rate of £150 to £200, although this could change depending on where you are located. Construction and design could take up to 2 days.